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REVIEW ‘Bharat’ – Salman’s ‘Eidi’ has BLOCKBUSTER written all over it!

Cast : Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sunil Grover, Jackie Shroff, Tabu, Sonali Kulkarni, Asif Sheikh.

Director : Ali Abbas Zafar


Perhaps the most anticipated movie of 2019 which ‘Bharat’ was waiting for just came out today. Yes, we are talking about ‘Bharat’.

Some call it the festival of celebration of a fan frenzy country which is extremely passionate about their favorite superstar Salman Khan, while some call it Bhai’s ‘Eidi’ for his fans and lovers.

Call it whatever you may call. But this year, ‘Bharat’ is out and is out to roar and why not? Afterall, it features the ‘Tiger’ of the industry, Salman Khan as the protagonist.

As a dialogue in the movie says, ‘Sher jitna bhi budha ho jaye, shikar karna nahi bhulta’, same with Salman with his films. He might have crossed his 50’s but he is still ruling the box office like a ‘boss’ in the true sense of the term.

After the failure of ‘Race 3’ ‘critically’ last year (the movie made more than a whopping 170 crores) at the box office, people expected Salman to come back harder and better and it is exactly what ‘Bhai’ has done this time.

The story is about a man ‘Bharat’ who is a victim of the bloodshed and bad blood that led to the partition of India into separate countries, India and Pakistan, tries to escape with his mother, father and his brothers and sister but fails to do so successfully. Unfortunately in an attempt to escape by catching a train, Bharat loses grip of his sister Guria aka Madhu who falls down and is almost killed due to the stampede. Realizing the same, Bharat’s father (Jackie Shroff) goes to save his daughter and while doing so makes Bharat promise to take care of his mother and family in Bharat’s aunt’s ‘ration shop’ till the time he would come back with Guria to them.

The story unfolds further as to how Bharat and his family reaches there, how he tries to find a job after meeting his best friend in the movie, Guthi aka. Sunil Grover and the duo set off to trying various jobs to earn money to run their houses. From working in a circus to working in U.A.E in oil refineries to working in the merchant ship, it shows how they work and risk their lives at the same time in certain occasions in order to keep up with Bharat’s promise to his father.

Before going to U.A.E, Salman meets Katrina aka. Kumud whom Salman calls ‘madam sir’ and the duo eventually fall in love in the process. But although Kumud wishes to marry Bharat, Bharat’s promise to his father holds him back and the duo decide to go ahead with a live in relationship, which is called India’s first live in relationship with the consent of Bharat’s parents. Kumud eventually helps Bharat find his long lost sister and finally a happy reunion of the family happens and after realizing that all the responsibilities have been kept, finally Bharat and Kumud get married at the age of 70.

The story is genuinely interesting and it will take you back to an emotional rollercoaster ride especially during the Wagah border scenes and all the places where the pain of losing their loved ones during the parition time is shown.

The movie is well balanced with the right amount of seriousness, comedy, action and most importantly, ’emotions’ which compile beautifully to set the pace of the movie.

Salman Khan plays all his characters very well in his same and popular ‘Bhai’ fashion while Katrina and Sunil Grover nail theit respective characters very well. Katrina plays the old lady part very well and Sunil as we all know being the prolific actor that he is, nails everything that he plays. Asif Sheikh as Salman’s brother-in-law has done a fantastic job as well.

You will see Disha Patani for a very limited role but that’s always a visual treat in itself for the fans. Nora Fatehi who plays Sunil Grover’s wife in the film plays her character nicely while Tabu is at her usual professional best in her guest performance.

The direction from Ali is pretty good and the background score by veteran Julius Packiam has been done perfectly which compiles it into a must-watch. The music of the film especially, ‘Slow-Motion’ is already a huge hit. There are certain flaws as in any other film but the good parts definitely get the better of the not so good ones. The only thing that could however be taken care of was the total ‘duration’ of the film as a run time of 2 hours, 35 minutes is a little extra for the audience to take. But then good and bad, both are invariably a part of every film and for ‘Bharat’, there are plenty of positives oozing out from this latest Salman-Katrina starrer.

CineSpeaks Verdict : ‘Bharat’ is a must watch not just for Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif fans but also for everyone in general who wants to understand the importance of responsibility and family bonding and how you should take your promises seriously and do your best to keep them in today’s harsh world come what may. One must watch ‘Bharat’ to also understand the underlying progressiveness that lies inside the film. From the thought of normalising ‘live in relationship’, to normalising marriage even at 70, two things which are still a bit of a ‘taboo’ in India, ‘Bharat’ does it’s bit to contribute to the progression. So if you are a human being who is progressive and always looking to keep up with the changing times, ‘Bharat’ is a must watch.

CineSpeaks gives 4.5 stars to ‘Bharat’.


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