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Review – Bhoomi: ‘’A Father Daughter film that captures the heart ’’.

Bhoomi was one of the much awaited films of 2017 whose release days were literally counted by the entire film industry, the fans and friends of Sanjay Dutt making it one of the very much anticipated releases. It turns out that this was really worth the wait as Sanjay Dutt has made brilliant comeback in films with this action revenge drama which can be watched with the entire family.

Cast – Sanjay Dutt, Aditi Rao Hydari, Siddhant Gupta, and Sharad Kelkar.

Directed by – Omung Kumar.

Written by – Raaj Shaandilyaa.

Produced by – Bhushan Kumar, Sandeep Singh and Omung Kumar.

Music by – Sachin – Jigar (Songs) & Ismail Darbar (Background Score).

Genre – Action thriller film.

Story –
It’s the story of a father and daughter that showcases in the starting just a month before that incident happened how beautiful their bond was how both were always there for each other protecting each other whenever needed and loyal and fierce as well . How both father and daughter try to get themselves back to normal after that incident.

It is about how a father then decides to take revenge for his daughter from those 3 people and the drama that follows where the goons try to threaten father, daughter but it doesn’t work on both of them at all as they decide to fight back against them.

Story of the film was very gripping, fascinating, filled with adventures and a surge of adrenaline rush throughout. Audiences and people were really getting curious and interested to know what would happen now in the next scenes during the entire film.

It was so intense that honestly it did good job of keeping the audiences glued to the screens and was victorious in grabbing the attention and eyeballs of them.

There was no childish approach towards the most important characters in the film around which the story revolves which is also one of the main reasons of this film turning out to be something more than ordinary and very unique, interesting yet intriguing and ultimately it was successful in creating that magic on the screens that it wanted to.

Performance –
Sanjay Dutt acted his part as Arun Sachdeva with complete realism where he has sincerely tried his level best to make it look like a very genuine, real and convincing father who’s in pain as his daughter is in pain due to whatever happened and his daughter means everything to him.

Aditi Rao Hydari has done full justice to her role as Bhoomi in the film since she plays the title role as the film is named after her but in the end it’s a father – daughter story. She looks very convincing and genuine as Bhoomi and this was a tailor made role for her and she truly owned it by acting so smoothly and naturally.

Sharad kelkar was like a real villain and we could actually feel scared and terrified by sensing the fear, violence and terror in his acting and dialogues throughout the entire duration of the movie.

Siddhant did a good job with his role considering that this was his first mainstream film or stepping stone in Bollywood films where he debuted as a film actor. He has proved that he is here to stay and like every new comer he also wants to do roles where his career graph as a film actor just grows and not the opposite.

Direction and Cinematography –
The direction especially in the middle and last scene and cinematography of the whole movie was just the best and totally amazing.

The scene in middle of picture where they cut Bhoomi’s hair and make her jump from the bridge in river was shot so beautifully that we actually felt like it was real.

The last scene where Bhoomi and her Father are successful in killing the local goon politician Dhauli and they throw him the same way he threw Bhoomi by cutting his hair in the river and other females throw their dupattas in that river was shot excellently with utter perfection.

Direction by Omung Kumar was as usual very strong where every character just panned out more beautifully than what was expected in the movie.

Cinematography was very strong where each and every scene in film was looking very genuine, real, raw, aesthetically picture perfect and amazing and each and every detail in the film was given lots of attention by the director to make sure the main characters in the film and the story pans out more brilliantly then what was expected by the people watching the film.

Each character was given equal screen space and dialogues were very impactful and just aptly created and fit for every actor playing their part.

Screenplay –
Screenplay is a very important part of any film as a strong screenplay helps in bringing out all the main characters more beautifully than what is expected.

In this film screenplay was very strong which was clearly seen as everything was treated with so much attention, care and with minute detailing that the film just turned out to be more stunning and left us absolutely spellbound as well.

Music –
Music was very good and nice. It was simply the best. Music has been given by Sachin Jigar in film. We always expect the best music from them as they’re such brilliant composers and this time their music did not disappoint us as it was very lyrically mellifluous and smooth.

The peppy party number ‘’Trippy Trippy’’ sung by Neha Kakkar and Badshah was so wonderful that people really felt like crooning and dancing to the tunes of it.

Music was very good like all the songs were very melodious, soulful, soothing and they had that charm and romance in them that could make you feel the love and had that essence of a small town romance between both the hero and heroine in the film.

Dialogues –

The dialogues were perfect and story of film was filled with hard hitting one liners, punch lines and some lines said by the main characters just stood out as they had such an impact on people.

Cinespeaks Verdict –

Plot of the film was very strong where we did see that the film turned out as a visual treat to be watched by the people in theatres.
It is a one time watch film but if you are Sanjay Dutt fan, you should go and watch it as with this he has proved that this was a very excellent comeback performance by Sanjay Dutt and he still has that aura, charm, persona, and that vigour and enthusiasm to perform. All the other characters have also worked very hard and with passion which can be clearly seen by the way they were acting their part, saying dialogues, expressing their emotions in every scene so it’s a teamwork effort of everyone involved which made this just a magical experience for people who watched it.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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