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REVIEW: Dongri Ka Raja- A passionate love story with twist and turns.


STARCAST: Gashmeer Mahajani, Reecha Sinha, Ronit Roy, Ashmit Patel.

DIRECTOR: Hadi Ali Abrar


This movie will give you a feel of aamchi mumbai love. The movie is based on the underworld Raja (Gashmeer Mahajani) of Dongri. The movie weaves a gripping tale with a twist.

Set against the backdrop of Dongri, Raja is the son of underworld Mansoor Ali (Ronit Roy). The impersonated police officer (Ashmit Patel) is on the hunt for Raja who is using his name and killing his enemies at will. The Story picks pace when he falls in love with Shruti (Reecha Sinha) and is bound to tell his truth, however twists and turns lead him to find shocking news about his love. The plot is engaging. It is narrated in a manner that arouses interest. Although a loose beginning, the movie catches its pace slowly and steadily.

As beginners Gashmeer and Reecha did fairly well, but there is a long way for them to go in the industry. Gashmeer’s (Raja) performance looked promising. He has all the macho factors as an underworld and all the charm as a lover. His acting is intense and you like watching him on the screen. Reecha (Shruti) on the other hand tried making the best of the role given to her, yet there are areas where she can improve. She might need to work on her dialogue delivering style. Ashwini Kalsekar (Ruksar) has done justice to her role as a mother who wants her son to be a good man. Her acting speaks for the experience she has. Ronit (Mansoor Ali) is the star of the show. He has the aura of underworld just by the way he walks or looks at other characters. Although a negative role, he is a treat to watch. Ashmit(Sidhaarth) could have performed better. His role of a sub inspector was the most integrating one. Yet he has failed to charm the audience. You expect a little more from people playing such roles. But with experienced actors like Ronit and Ashwini, the movie holds you back.

Music and Dialogues:
The dialogues although goes a little cliché in the beginning, arouses humor when ever required. Talking about the music, every song in the movie is drafted well and fits in with the plot. It helps in the smooth run of the story. Sunny Leone’s item number is to add masala touch to the movie. Cinematography is exactly what you would expect from an underworld movie, it captures the image of Dongri and keeps a connect with the streets of Mumbai.

Direction :
The characterization is brilliantly done by the director; each one enhances and supports the movement of the plot. Characters like Ashwini Kalsekar, who plays Raja’s mother have vital role to play. There are no leaps and bounds in the direction. Streets of Mumbai with a mixture of romance drama are well directed by Hadi Ali Abrar.

Cinespeaks Verdict :
All in all a good watch, its recurring twists and turns would keep you interested till the very last. Although a mainstream love story, its drama is something you would enjoy watching. With all the necessary elements and good performances, Dongri ka Raja is a treat for those who want romance and thrill at the same time.

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