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Review : EK HASINA THI, EK DIWANA THA, aur ek vehem tha that the movie is worth making!!


Director : Sunil Darshan
Cast : Natasha, Shiv Darshan, Upen Patel
Genre : Thrill, romance
Reviewed By : Paridhi Tripathi


If you are dying for a movie which has some etchy dialogues in a painful dialogue delivery style, if you want a cinema which is a juxtaposition of romance, thrill horror and basically all the genres in a single movie, you might want to watch Ek Hasina Thi, Ek Diwana Tha.

Not really expecting something great, I entered the theatre hoping to watch a decent cinema and regretted 10 minutes after the movie began. Starting with talks about spirits and ghosts, to my bewilderment, the hero of the movie is a spirit who’s grandmother, a look alike of the heroine died before they could have the ‘mann ki baat’. Turns out the hero is not a spirit (Thank God) and he has only been appointed so that the heroin kills herself. Amidst all this, there is telepathies, Europe and a lot of creepy dialogues.


Except for Natasha, this movie is a comeback for almost every artist. The director Sunil Darshan had his last hit more than a decade ago and hoped for a grand welcome with his romantic thriller, too bad he’d have to wait for a few years more till he comes with a good script. Upen Patel, who was last seen in Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani has absolutely nothing to offer other than nasty dialogues and emotion less acting. We suggest, he stick with TV doing some reality shows because that is a platform where you would still work fine if you can’t act. Shiv is plain and painful to watch, with the way he took his acting forward, we are not very sure how is he going to sustain in the industry, if at all.

Natasha, a new comer brings the freshness in the story and even that does not help you to maintain a calm position and not run out of the cinema hall. The movie has plot holes from the very beginning, one can take cinematic liberties of turning a horror cum thriller genre into romance but it has got to be at least convincing.

All the while you are made to guess who actually is at fault and like a thud, the climax comes in with untidy denouement. You can have as many loo beaks as you want and do all your pending works on your phone while at the theatre!


Despite being shot in erotic location, the cinematography is average. The dialogues are unconvincing and emotionless and the music does not help either, title track being the most unbearable one.

Nothing in this movie is worth your time and convincing enough to give at least a star full!

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