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Review: Game Over – Gamer girl fights with her inner demons to conquer a game called life.

Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Vinodhini

Director: Ashwin Saravanan


Ashwin Saravanan directed Tamil originated Game Over is a psychological suspense thriller film acted by very brilliant Taapsee Pannu. The film is centered to a gamer girl who stays alone in a luxurious secured house and is accompanied by a maid Kalama. She grows through anniversary reactions and nyctophobia wherein she fights with herself to come out of her dark past.

Film Opens with a 28year old girl living in Gurgaon, Delhi brutally killed by a perpetrator. Her body is beheaded and the head is wrapped in plastic and bounced like a football. The serial killer doesn’t stop there and sets the body on fire. The start holds on the viewer’s breathe to watch it further. Later we are introduced to Swapna (Taapsee Pannu), she is a gamer works from home as her tragic past stops her to step out, also she can’t stand out even for 2 seconds in dark. Swapna stays at home whole day with caretaker Kalama (Vinodhini) The only thing which keeps her going on in life is love for games and to beat her own high score in Pac-Man game. She gets a tattoo inked on the wrist which denotes love for games. Later it is revealed that the tattoo is not normal but a memorial tattoo, the ink of the tattoo is mixed of ashes of the 28-year-old murdered girl. Towards the interval, even Taapsee is attacked by the serial killer. Further, you need to watch to answer your curious questions. How she will deal with the dark past?  Will she be a traitor to the serial killer or she will defend her self? Are some questions which will keep you glued till the end.

Taapsee and Vinodhini have done quite well in the film. Taapsee has given tremendous expressions on every scene. Taapsee has once again proved that she can play every role well. Ashwin Saravanan, who directed the Tamil horror film ‘Maya’ and ‘Iravalkam’ has done quite a good direction. The direction keeps you connected with the film. There is no screen space for songs but the background score engages the audience to stay connected and thrilled.

There has always been a special audience of films made in a thriller and supernatural power in Bollywood. By targeting the same audience, Ashwin Saravanan has created a ‘game over’, but his film proves to be different from other films because it has interesting angles in the game with the thriller and supernatural layer.

There are some minuses to plus points. The length of the film could have been slightly extended to make the audience understand better about the psychological and paranormal layers of the film and the story. The climax could’ve been really amazing and stunning and it also had a scope to elevate  the drama and thrills but the director preferred to better keep it subtle.

Cinespeaks Verdict: Taapsee Pannu’s Game Over is a layered and concept-oriented film. If you will go by trailer than you will find it a horror thriller but it is way more than that. It is good to watch if you like thriller and horror movies. In this, you will see a mixture of both. Some scenes come in the movie where you will have a little confusion as to how it happened. You will have many questions in mind, but after watching the whole film you will forget about these things and only praise the film.

Review by Rupal Purohit

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