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REVIEW : GUEST IIN LONDON – A disaster disguised in the form of a movie


Director – Ashwni Dhir
Cast – Kaartik Aryan, Paresh Rawal, Kriti Kharbanda, Tanvi Azmi
Genre – Humor
Reviewed By – Paridhi Tripathi


If you loved Atithi tum kab jaoge?, you better miss its degraded version which has recently released in the form of ‘Guest iin London’. Nothing but a disaster, the movie successfully disappoints you in every way it can. Is it a sequel to its first part? Nope, not at all, but it can definitely be called as a reboot with the former.

The narrative of Guest iin London is pretty much the same, Paresh Rawal shows in announced at his almost nephew’s place, but with an extra baggage – his wife. Both Chaha Ji and Chachi Ji, as called by Kartik decide to stay at his place and set the couple up in their homemaking. Aryan (Kartik) decides to fake marry his love interest for obvious reasons in a foreign land but soon falls in love with her. She is annoyed with the uninvited guest at first but gives it a try for whose ever sake. The sub plots and main plot has no connection what so ever! The ‘hindustani’ punches don’t work, in fact it gets annoying at a point. You have no idea how the couple fell in love at first place, one moment they are arguing and ready to kill each other, the other scene, our heroine is flirting with him, and the loop goes on.


There are too many loopholes in the movie to even begin with; the very first scene where our desi chachaji sleeps on the floor in a plane is an exaggeration. The crazy fart gag does nothing but disgusts you, the dialogues are ridiculously written, especially the part where a veteran actor like Paresh Rawal is compared with a pet and in all serious tone.

Amidst all this, comes a scene where a funeral is celebrated in a remade Baby Doll song version and my jaw dropped at the scene! Seriously, what were the makers even thinking while writing a scene like this? Black comedy? Farce? What exactly was that scene supposed to mean?


Talking about performances, Kartik is void in his acting and you are instantly reminded of his Punchnama version. Kriti Kharbanda was refreshing but her over nagging gets stretched. Tanvi Azmi was sweet and fair to the role given to her. Who we are disappointed the most is Paresh Rawal, not for his acting though, but the choice he made while signing this film.

We also have Ajay Devgn’s cameo in the movie which is possibly the worst cameo in the history of role cameos.

The music is passable and not so catchy, the background music is average, and editing surely could have been better.

If you really want to see Paresh Rawal as guest, we’d rather suggest you watch the old movie anytime over this one.


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