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REVIEW : Jagga Jasoos – A brave attempt!


Director : Anurag Basu
Cast : Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Saswata Chatterjee, Sayani Gupta
Genre : Musical, Humor
Reviewed By: Paridhi Tripathi


The much waited and anticipated movie for the past many years is finally here. The Jagga Jasoos ship started off well when it began its journey, somehow caught in the whirlpool of the lead actors separation and other factors, we gave up on the hope of the movie reaching its destination : to its audience. Fortunately, it did reach us making through its tough times and crossing its hindrances and we couldn’t be happier.

What is different in the movie is its musical experiment that Basu and Pritam created together. Writtern and directed by Basu, the film creates a fairy tale like aura with Ranbir’s rhythm and sometimes humorous tune. Kaif and Chatterjee are surprisingly a happy and influencing element in the movie, helping Jagga in his journey, helping him grow!


The movie almost reminds of the classic piece The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, because of the journey and the (mis)adventures both the protagonist face in the movie. Once you are comfortable with the tempo of the film, you’ll realize the film is indeed a great attempt by the makers to entertain the audience.

Jagga is a lonely boy who prefers remaining silent most of the times in order to hide his speech disability. He spends his childhood in a maternity hospital after the tragic aftermath of loosing his parents. He finally gets out the quirky, mad and creative side of him after the guidance of ‘Tuttu Futti’, played by Saswata Chatterjee. It is then Jagga realizes he can speak through rhythms and tones. Now for the initial dialogues, these tones are comic and nice to have, butu after a while, you really want Jagga to speak the way it is and not indulge in yet another song. Having said that, once you get comfortable with the musical dialect, the film becomes easy for you to watch.
Katrina is a surprising welcome in the movie. She is fresh like a daisy. She plays the role of Shrut Sengupta, a journalist from London and now in Calcutta, runs into Jagga during a mishap. The two then as a team helps the protagonist in his jasoosi.


Basu has tried recreating all the fairy tale elements in the movie and Ranbir being the risk takes, has nailed the role given to him. He was charming and he was witty. He was funny and smart. The musical element works as a plus point in the film when juxtaposed with dance and sometimes dialogues. It indeed explains why Pritam took time to get with the flow of the film and contribute to the film as the music director.

The negative aspect of the movie is that it is painfully slow and takes a lot of time to reach its conclusion. Some scenes could have been chopped off easily without harming the plot of the movie.

The cinematography was decent and appealing. Full marks for the dialogues and music entangled together. The acting is the cream of the movie and the direction is why the final product looks interesting and brave at attempting.

To conclude, Jagga Jasoos is something new, something different, and if you could go by the slow pace of the movie – it is something you will enjoy!


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