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Review : Joker – KILLER

By : Prakash khetpal (Pk Verdict)

What is the first thing you see when you enter the Dark Room?Light. Joker is that light in the dark cinema that not just entertains; it stimulates you through the process of finding one own self, striving to perform well, acclaiming applauds and struggling through mental illness. Joker has it all. Coming from the DC Black a series of DC-based standalone films, Joker stands class apart.
Set in 1981 Joker as soon as it begins, submerges you in its world.  It is the artist Joaquin Phoenix who makes Joker come alive on screen and Todd Phillips who makes the world around Joker believable. The chaos in the Gotham city is something you live by, while watching the film. The struggle deep inside the joker you live by, unveiling the layers of his complexity and He lives a simple goal to make people laugh. Does he succeed to make people laugh? With the kind of psychological situation, he struggles; is he at his best, to be the best he can be at his work. 

From the scene one you witness the mystery deep within with the Joker, he runs behind the bunch of kids bullying him, be it his neighbor played by Zazie Beetz, be it in his conversation with his mother on the letters, be it his boss finding ways to put him down, be it with his colleagues barring one midget in the film who brings in the great humor in the dark making you laugh out of your seat. This is where the director succeeds; to surprise with the act of sheer performance in a situation wherein you would least expect for a laugh to come. Joker is filled with such great moments, moments of fear and laughter. He may/may not succeed to make his audience laugh in the film; in reality he definitely does with the help of its director Todd Phillips. It gives you the right thrill at the regular intervals with a great dose of art. Cinema at its best display. 

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