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Review: Judwaa 2 – ‘’Varun Dhawan as Raja and Prem stole the show completely’’.

Cast – Varun Dhawan (Prem & Raja), Taapsee Pannu (Samaira), and Jacqueline Fernandez (Alishka).

Directed by – David Dhawan.

Written by – Sajid – Farhad.

Produced by – Sajid Nadiadwala.

Music by – Sajid – Wajid, Meet Brothers, Sandeep Shirodkar, and Anu Malik.

Genre – Family Drama Comedy film.

Judwaa 2 was one of the most awaited and highly anticipated films of 2017 which ever since it was announced and from the time actors started shooting for it had created an incessant amount of buzz as it was official remake of original cult classic film ‘’Judwaa’’ which was like 20 years back.

The days left for the film to release were literally counted by entire film industry, Varun Dhawan fans and his family and friends as well. Turns out that Judwaa 2 did perform nicely but not the way it was expected to. It ended up becoming an average level type of film.

Story –

It is the story of two con joined twins i.e. Raja and Prem who are born in Mumbai but due to their father’s rivalry and enmity they both ended up getting separated at birth where the villain made the parents of the twins believe that one of the twins is no more. Then they both grow up where Raja is a typical true blue mumbaikar and Prem is a sophisticated guy who goes to college in London and their parents settle down in London.

It is a story of how both these twins have no clue that they both are twins and brothers born in the same family. It’s a typical family comedy with a perfect amalgamation of drama, emotions, laughter, action, villains, fighting, girls who end up becoming the girlfriends of both the brothers and the confusion, chaos and drama that follows them throughout the picture.

Story of the film was very comical, hilarious, adventurous with a surge of adrenaline rush throughout. It was funny, humorous and full of laughter that honestly it did good job of keeping the audiences glued to the screens and was victorious in grabbing the attention and eyeballs of them.

There was no childish approach towards the most important characters in the film around which the story revolves which is also one of the main reasons of this film turning out to be something very different yet intriguing and ultimately it was successful but only in some way and not entirely in creating that magic on the screens that it wanted to. It wanted to recreate the magic which original film Judwaa had created back in the 90’s but it could not entirely do so at all.

Performance –

Acting wise Varun Dhawan has acted very brilliantly and his dialogues, expressions, and comic timing was just perfect and he has proved that Judwaa 2 is worth a watch and that this role was just made for him.

It turns out that Varun just stole the limelight from all other actors in the movie as his acting both as ‘’Raja’’ and ‘’Prem’’ was just perfectly synchronized as Raja was very outgoing, extrovert, frank, impromptu, strong, very desi and spontaneous while on the same time Prem was very shy, timid, introvert, sophisticated, modern and weak physically.

Jacqueline and Taapsee have also acted very amazingly and given their all for making sure that they give complete justice to their characters in the film. Taapsee and Jacqueline’s acting for their particular characters in film was good keeping in mind that their roles were very different in this remake of original cult classic Judwaa since this was Judwaa 2 like a reloaded or rebooted version of the film right from scratch as obviously in 2017, the characters won’t be entirely the same as they were 20 years back in original film.

Salman Khan’s cameo in last shot and scene of film was like icing on top of the cake and people had not even expected and imagined something like this for the final concluding scene in Judwaa 2. That last part just was the best thing in the film being a fan of Salman Khan and original Judwaa film.

Each character was given equal screen space and dialogues were very impactful and just aptly created and fit for every actor playing their part.

Dialogues –

Dialogues were very funny but they had no sort of originality at all. SRK & Salman dialogues and many famous songs catch phrases have been used to create Raja’s dialogues. No doubt they were damn funny and really just tickled our funny bones throughout the entire movie.

Dialogues even had some funny one liners and punch lines like ‘’aey khajur’’ and boondi ke ladduu. Like for instance a scene in film where Raja says ‘’Ammi Jaan kehti thi’’ and after that they’ve used Jacqueline’s famous song catch phrase chittiyaan kalaaiyaan ve with it to create a dialogue. It made us laugh and was hilarious as well but that was not creative enough at all.

Direction and Cinematography –

Direction wise David Dhawan was very strong as he has paid attention to each and every frame and actors acting in the movie by taking special care and paying attention even to the minute detailing so that their characters just panned out very beautifully without any interruptions and he was successful in it as his rendition and version of Raja and Prem in Judwaa 2 had created that kind of impact and impression on the people and audiences who watched the film.

Cinematography part in some parts of film was amazing and bang on like specifically scene where Raja kicks the ball and after that wherever it goes everyone else too kicks it and in end it lands straight on villains head this was shot with utter perfection and very brilliantly.

The confusion part of Raja and Nandu where they didn’t know yet that they are con joined twins in Judwaa 2 was a perfect shot in cinematography part.

Music –

When we expect the music from Sajid – Wajid, Meet Brothers and Anu Malik it has to be nothing but only the best. This time they’ve totally surpassed our expectations as the Music of Judwaa 2 was just excellent and damn amazing as well.

Music of the film was the best as original songs have been remade but in such a way that their essence and charm is still intact and not at all tainted. People in theatres were actually crooning and gently humming the songs especially Oonchi hai building and Tan tana tan as they were the peppy party numbers sung by brilliant singers like Neha Kakkar, Anu Malik, Dev Negi, etc.

Cinespeaks Verdict –
It is a one time watch film but if not for anyone else and if you are a Varun Dhawan fan then just go n watch this film for him. It’s a very light hearted complete family entertainer movie that can be watched with entire family. It has clean and harmless kind of a comedy and not cheap slapstick comedy that other films usually have embedded in them.

If you have not watched original cult Judwaa watch this film. You want to or not is totally your call as ball is in your court. It’s a story meant for the masses and the classes as well. If you’ve nothing to do for weekend, please do go and watch Judwaa 2 rest of it is really your choice.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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