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Review: Laila Majnu: An eternal love story has been recreated, re-imagined in contemporary style, serves great performance, lacks in climax!

Cast: Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri.
Director: Sajid Ali.
Producers: Imtiaz Ali, Ekta Kapoor.

An eternal love story which we’re hearing and admiring since our childhood is set to be recreated. Laila Majnu is the absolute love story, an enigma everyone fall for. The story has been said so many times, and every time it seems so fresh. The film has been directed by Sajid Ali, younger brother of Imtiaz Ali, who is knows as the perfectionist of Romance genre. In order to up-bring the feeling of freshness, the film is equipped by two debutantes, Tripti Dimri and Avinash Tiwary in and as Laila Majnu.
The story is overall the same, with the few additions and modifications. Some stories never die, they are either re-created, re-imagined or retold. Such is the story of an absolute love between Laila Majnu. Set in the mystical backdrop of Kashmir, the story of Laila and Kaiz begins. The Laila in the film happens to be the flirtatious Laila. That’s an interesting modification though. She loves to seek attention from the boys of the village. One fine day she comes across a not so good-looking guy named Kaiz. He has a good hold over the villagers as his father is huge businessman. Sooner we discover that there is an internal dispute between the two families over the issue of land. But, less bothered of that fact, Laila and Kaiz tends to come closer to each other. They get into the relationship and soon fall in an irrefrenable love with each other. The families come to know about the romance, the situations gets worse. Kaiz somehow tries and convinces his father to apologize to Laila’s family. Eventually in the madness of his kid, Kaiz’s father visits Laila’s place, and gets insulted by his family. Laila’s father forces her to get married to the local politician who is a family friend. Laila and Kaiz are eventually gets apart. There comes a time leap of 4 years. Kaiz is in London, Laila is passing her days with least interest. One fortunate days, Kaiz’s father expires due to the sudden attack. Life happens to take a twist again, resulting in bringing Laila Majnu closer. Laila meets Kaiz and asks him to wait for few days more. Meanwhile, Kaiz looses his mental balance, hence turns into Majnu. The climax will surely make you cry and will give you the goosebumps.

The enigma has been re-imagined and adopted by Imtiaz Ali and Ekta Kapoor. The filmography is in Imtiaz style. Songs are obviously melodious, but somewhere considering Imtiaz on board, we were expecting some more chart busters from the film, as he is known for the best music in the genre. Talking about the performances, Avinash Tiwary has nailed it in a most unexpected manner. As a debutant, we could have never ever imagined such a brilliant performance. Especially the second half has received its charm just because of Avinash. He has managed to play two sides of his character. It’s hard for a method actor as well to perform the most difficult role of Majnu. But this young lad has proved that nothing can stop your way if you’ve strong desire for it. Tripti Dimri’s efforts somewhere down the line fall short. There is a repetitive expressions, which weren’t sufficient for such an important role. It is very well said that if you try to reinvent or recreate the master piece, then you’ll surely leave back some loop holes. Sajid Ali’s Laila Majnu would’ve been far more appealing and attracting, there are three songs in the first 30 minutes, which somewhere fails to connect with the eyeballs of the viewers. There should have been an equal intervals between each song. The climax would’ve been molded in a much better way. The ending was not that satisfying, Laila Majnu’s end should have an extremely intense quotient, which was missing. Overall the film is fine, watchable with couples and friends. As it is Imtiaz Ali’s production, we were expecting few more char busters.
The overall filmography is great, Sajid has tried to discover and explore more and more regions of Kashmir, which enhances the beauty of the film to a certain extent. The major credit surely goes to Avinash, he was just stunning and magnificent throughout. Tripti somewhere looses her charm, could have done better. But as far as debut is concerned, she has put huge efforts. The eternal love story of Laila Majnu has been recreated and re-imagined, re-envisioned and contemporary style.
Cinespeaks, gives 3.5 stars to the film.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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