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REVIEW : MOM – A gripping revenge drama which celebrates motherhood


Director – Ravi Udyawar
Cast – Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Adnan Siddiqui, Abhimanyu Singh, Sajal Ali
Genre – Thriller
Reviewed By – Paridhi Tripathi


‘Motherhood’ has been the favorite subject for our heroines to cameback with, be it Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in ‘Jazba’ or Raveena Tondon in ‘Maatr’. The theme itself touches your inner cord and you immediately relate with the story. However, it needs a united effort by everyone’s behalf for a complete package. Right from the director to the supporting cast to background score and of course, the screen play. Maatra failed to enrapture us, Jazba wasn’t an exception either but then comes Sridevi, the comeback queen and she enthralls you with this gripping tale.

A very basic plot, it takes an extra ordinary direction to keep the audience on the edges of their seat. A charming but strict biology teacher has crisis with her step daughter. She tries hard to match up with the young generation and to develop a bond with Arya, her step daughter. Their world is shattered into pieces when Arya is gang raped by Jagan and his peers. They seek the help of law but as we have it, the justice is not served. Taking the law in her own hands, a mother decides to avenge her daughter’s wreck.


What keeps the movie gripping is the perfectly edited scenes and the way it has been shown. The rape scene shows no assailment, but a moving car in the streets of Delhi at night, two friends exchanging their seats – one taking over the driver seat and the other at the rear, and sometime before dawn, a teenage girl is thrown out in roadside drain. Although no physical harassment is seen, the moving car in the middle of the night and its background score is enough for you to flinch.

Sridevi pulls of Devki with ease. Her dialogue delivery could have been better, the South Indian accent is evident in some of the scenes, but having said that, she walks you through the emotions that she goes with. Needless to say, she gives a captivating performance. Nawaz truly steels the show. His one-liners are a big time charm and the way he delivers them is what sets him apart. He molds himself according to the scene and he does that with such serenity that you are mind blown.


Akshaye plays the role of Francis, a senior head from Crime branch and it’s a treat to have him back on the screen. Adnan is Sridevi’s on screen husband, torn between his daughter and wife, but knows where to play the role of a father and a husband.

Sejal Ali looks like a young version of Kareena Kapoor. She has smoothly convinced us that she is a survivor. Her performance is worth a mention. The background score given by Rahman adds to the chills, the cinematography again is at par – giving you the right amount of intensity. The dialogues are very well written, crisp and serving to the purpose.


All the three elements – back ground scrore, dialogue and cinematography can take a simple scene to another level when put in rightly. Just before the interval, DK (Nawaz) tells Devki, ‘Bholenath har jagah nahi hote, isiliye unne maa banayi hai’. This simple dialogue heard many times gives you chill again because of the way it has been shown. Full marks to the whole crew to bring out the intensity so smoothly.

For its gripping screenplay and stupendous acting, Mom is worth a watch.

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