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Review: MOM- Mission Over Mars: The perfect and truly ideal example how feminism should actually be!

Cast: Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh & Palomi Ghosh, Ankur Rathee

Director : Vinay Waikul

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India as a country talks a great deal about feminism and women empowerment.. However a lot is said and done but it doesn’t always hold value. Whenever India talks about women empowerment, it talks about dressing, culture and a lot more but seldom does it give examples of real women and their work. Well, ‘MOM’ is that one web series which will definitely do the same for you. How? Let’s read.

A few days ago, we all know that Akshay Kumar’s big multistarrer ‘Mission Mangal’ came in where Akshay and his gang of ladies relived the journey to Mars. So what’s separates this from MOM? The basic fact that it depicts the exact happenings.

MOM is about the true narrative of four women who played a hardcore role behind the success of India’s Mangalyan mission. What’s best is the fact that it’s not just about the professional lives of these women scientists that has been touched upon but also every bit of their personal life that adds more shade and connection to their professional space. While Mona Singh plays a divorcee Mousami Ghosh, Sakhi Tanwar nails it as the perfect mother who has two humongous tasks – managing a teenager young son and also looking after Mangalyan, both challenging in their own ways. While Nidhi Singh aka. Nitu Sinha is confused about how to balance her personal and professional life, Palomi Ghosh aka. Meghan Reddy is the true blue analyst who should be given the title of the best ovethinker.

Sakshi Tanwar who initially begins as a very obedient assistant has beautifully managed the art to eventually grow on and give a platform to her aspirations and how she wants to carry forward the work procedures and challenges. She truly aces in playing the ultimate common Indian mother who has to juggle between her home life and professional life.

Mona Singh plays the outspoken over the top rational scientist who has no time for nonsense and works on the grounds of practicality and nothing else. She truly gives the positivity and the motivation especially to women that come what may, nothing is impossible in the true sense of the term.

Nidhi Singh is that unusual yet interesting scientist who believes in the power of science but also believes something like God is the creator of the universe. Interesting isn’t it? Well exciting in the true sense of the term.

However the least mentioned remains the veteran Ashish Vidyarthi who does a wonderful job in establishing himself as the chief of ISRO.

Together these forces unite to create India’s first and foremost Mangalyan mission which achieves success in it’s first attempt itself.

CineSpeaks Verdict : Director Vinay Waikul does a smart job in establishing his characters slowly and steadily and full marks to him for accepting the challenge of portraying a similar story on the web platform which has already been done on the cinemas once. However the flaws and negative parts remain the same as Mission Mangal and its basically giving too much in certain places where it isn’t even required. Anything overdramatic isn’t good and that’s the problem with MOM in certain scenes. Also the characters need more depth in the further episodes as without that, character establishment might be an issue. Full marks for mention of one and only APJ Abdul Kalam who has been India’s Missle Man for a reason. Overall, it’s a must watch especially for binging as be it what, it will definitely make you feel proud for being an Indian.

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