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Review of Tera Intezaar: Poor script leads to an uninteresting film

Movie Review of Tera Intezaar
Cast: Arbaaz Khan, Sunny Leone, Sudha Chandran, Arya Babbar
Director: Rajeev Walia

The film is a story of Ronak (Sunny Leone) and Veer (Arbaaz Khan). Ronak falls in love with Veer who is a natural painter. The sudden disappearance of Veer and Ronak’s search for her love is supported by Sudha Chandra. Arya Babbar kidnaps Veer and plays the antagonist in the film. So, will Ronak and Veer be united? How does Sudha Chandran help Ronak in getting her love back? All these questions are answered at a theatre near you.

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Arbaaz Khan
as Veer is fine with his acting skills. He looks handsome and has enough screen presence. He looks really good in certain scenes and does a decent job.

Sunny Leone does not bring anything new in this film. She is just looking gorgeous and pretty and has nothing new to offer her fans. Her dialogue delivery is good and acting skills do not leave any significant impression.

Arya Babbar as the antagonist does a decent job. Sudha Chandran is seen after a long time and delivers a good performance. She should do more good roles.

Music and Dialogues:
Music of the film is average. There aren’t any songs which will stay with you after the film. Dialogues are not that great and just average. The track ‘Barbie Girl’s does not create any magic.

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Director Rajeev Walia has made a film which does not look good in any way. The script is boring and poorly written. The scenes are randomly stitched together and there is no interconnectivity between the scenes. The film is executed poorly and the direction is totally horrible. It seems the film’s crew made the film just to enjoy at picturesque locations in Mauritius. Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan’s on-screen pairing is good and their chemistry is not that great. A lack of script and an eye for good direction makes this film fall flat completely. There are too many songs which interrupt the pacing of the story.

Cinespeaks Verdict:
There is nothing much to see in Tera Intezaar except for the hot scenes between Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone. This is a film which only has good locations and it is more like watching a travel serial rather than a film. You can definitely give Tera Intezaar a miss.

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