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Review: Secret Superstar: ‘’A mind blowing and honest real film with mesmerizing story telling’’.

Cast: Zaira Wasim (Insia), Meher Vij (Najma), Raj Arjun (Faarukh), Aamir Khan (Shakti Kumar), etc.

Directed by – Advait Chandan.

Written by – Advait Chandan.

Produced by – Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Sujay Kutty, Akash Chawla, and B Srinivas Rao.

Music by – Amit Trivedi.

Genre – Family Dramedy film.

Well for audiences today who were watching ‘’Secret Superstar’’ in the theatres today it was really a visual treat to watch.

The finest of actors who acted in the film did complete justice to their roles. The gripping storyline was so intense that it kept the audiences glued to their seats in the theatre.

Both the first and second half of the film are very strong as the storyline is the hero of the film. People didn’t lose their interest at all and were very excited, eager and damn curious to know as to what would happen in the next scenes throughout the film.

Secret Superstar was Aamir Khan’s very much awaited and anticipated film whose release was waited for with a bated breath by entire film industry, critics, friend’s, fans, and even family of Aamir Khan.
Ever since the film was announced from that time there has been a very strong buzz and vibe for the film. This film did not disappoint us at all as it has turned out to be one of the finest films of 2017’s second half.

Story –

It is the story that revolves around Insia and her mother Najma who live in a small town Baroda where Insia has a dream of becoming a singer and even dares to fulfill her dream and tries to pursue her career in the same field.

But her father and Najma’s husband Faarukh is very traditional, old fashioned and conservative person as he feels that girls are not meant for careers and are just meant to be married and sent off to their husband’s house.

He’s very physically, verbally violent type of person who beats Insia’s mother Najma quite often even for no fault of hers most of the times. He did not even want Insia to be born at first in her childhood when Najma was pregnant but her mother Najma fought for her and bought Insia into this world.

It’s about how Insia believes in herself, her dreams and eventually her dreams get fulfilled towards the end of the film and at that time it’s also about how her mother finally takes a stand for herself and her daughter and decided that enough is enough as they straight away tell faarukh that they won’t go with him to Saudi and then she also gives her husband the divorce papers finally freeing herself from this abusive and violent marriage for life.

It’s about how her mother helps Insia in fulfilling her dreams of becoming a singer by selling her jewellery and even going against her husband for the same just to get her daughter a laptop and then how youtube changes Insia’s entire life and how she becomes a Secret Superstar who then becomes the hit and trending viral internet sensation as well.

Story of the film was very emotional and dramatic with a spice and dash of comedy filled with a surge of adrenaline rush throughout. It was so emotional and mind blowing that honestly it did a damn good job of keeping the audiences glued to the screens and was victorious in grabbing the attention and eyeballs of them.

Performance –

Zaira Wasim as Insia has perfectly played her role with total sincerity and complete honesty and she has literally charmed and floored us with her dialogue delivery, acting, expressions and emotions throughout the movie. She has given her 200% to her character in the film which is very superb and awesome thing in itself.

She was the hero of the story and it felt like the entire film was there on her shoulders but she just managed to pull it off effortlessly and she has proved that this role was just meant for her and her only and not anyone else.

Mahi Vij has played her role in the film with full synchronization with her character Najma. It felt like she had literally got under the skin of her character Najma and lived that character throughout the entire movie as people could connect with her character and the problems, difficulties, and hurdles that she faces in the journey and way of fulfilling the dream of her daughter Insia which is to become a singer.

She was very much in synchronisation with her character and her expressions, emotions, dialogue delivery is just fabulous and bang on which can be seen in the movie.

Mahi Vij as Najma was amazing. Her acting was very natural in itself. Her expressions were just apt and in flow with her character. She has proved that she’s a very natural and effortless actress and we could literally not take our eyes away from her whenever she was in the frame.

Raj Arjun as Faarukh was like a real violent old fashioned, traditional, orthodox and conservative father of Insia and husband of Najma where we could actually feel scared and terrified by literally sensing the violence and terror in his acting and dialogues throughout the entire duration of the movie.

Aamir Khan as Shakti Kumar has proved that this role was just made for him and was like a perfect fit for him only and not anyone else could carry it off so effortlessly the way he has managed to pull it off. He has literally gotten under the skin of Shakti Kumar and lived that character in a very larger than life manner which could be seen in the film.

He very much in sync with his character, his expressions, emotions, dialogue delivery is just fabulous and bang on which can be seen in the movie.

There was not even a single moment where people watching the film did not experience multiple emotions throughout the film. Their laughter especially when Aamir Khan came in as Shakti Kumar was very real, heart felt, pure and unfiltered which is something very rare that we experience and get to see nowadays as an audience.

There was no childish approach towards the most important characters in the film around which the story revolves which is also one of the main reasons of this film turning out to be something very different yet intriguing and ultimately it was successful in every way in creating that magic on the screens that it wanted to.

Screenplay –

Screenplay is a very important part of any film as a strong screenplay helps in bringing out all the main characters more beautifully than what is expected.

In this film particularly to be specific the screenplay was very strong which was clearly seen as everything was treated with so much attention, care and with minute detailing that the film just turned out to be more visually appealing and spectacular and left us absolutely enthralled and captivated as well.

Cinematography and Direction –

Surprisingly first time debutant director Advait Chandan was very strong and he did not disappoint the audiences and people at all as for his first time as a newcomer he has did such amazing work in his direction that every character just turned out to be more magical and impressive than what was expected in the movie originally by film critics.

Cinematography was very strong where each and every scene in film was looking very genuine, real, raw, aesthetically picture perfect and amazing and each and every detail in the film was given lots of attention by the director Advait Chandan to make sure the main characters in the film and the story pans out more brilliantly then what was expected by the people watching the film.

Each character was given equal screen space and dialogues were very impactful and just aptly created and fit for every actor playing their part.

He has done such excellent and incredible direction with both places place be it Baroda or Mumbai which is so much beautifully connected to the entire story in the film that it makes you want to visit those places to feel its beauty.

Music –

Amit Trivedi has composed the music for this film. When we expect music from Amit Trivedi, it has to be nothing but the best and this time once again he has given the best music for this film.

The music of film is just perfect according to the setting, storyline and the kind of mood in which the film is set. All the songs of the film are so melodious, soulful, soothing and had that charm in them that makes you want to listen to them again and again. Mein Kaun hoon and Meri Pyaari Ammi were the best songs in entire film.

Cinespeaks Verdict –

Plot of the film was very strong where we did see that the film turned out as a visual treat to be watched by the people in theatres.

It is a one time watch film but if you are Aamir Khan fan, you should go and watch it as with this he has proved that this was a very excellent and brilliant performance by him and he has that aura, charm, persona, vigour and enthusiasm to perform.

All the other characters have also worked very hard and with passion which can be clearly seen by the way they were acting their part, saying dialogues, expressing their emotions in every scene so it’s a teamwork effort of everyone involved which made this just a magical experience for people who watched it.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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