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Review : SPIDERMAN HOMECOMING : A treat for Marvel fans!


Director – Jon Watts
Star Cast – Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Tyne Daly, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr
Run Time – 133 minutes


Let’s just accept it, Tom Holland steeled our hearts by his little cameo in Captain America: Civil War and ever since, we have been waiting for the return of Spider-Man. Ten minutes into the movie and we realize this superhero is a spider-boy, desperately wanting to be a part of ‘The Avengers.’

Spiderman begins with the epic fight of Civil War and how Peter went about it. He is excited like a child and we don’t blame him as the boy is just 15, all ready to confront and preach what he is appointed for. But soon after the trip, he returns home and goes to school, waiting for his next project by Tony Stark. Peter despises going to school and practices hard to fit in the shoes of an Avenger.


He hangs out with his best friend Ned who is in awe of the super heroes. What follows next is the learning of a young boy who turns wise and learns from his own gaffe. Will he succeed in his deed to be an Avenger? Does he really want to at the end? We are saving the rest for you to watch for yourself and decide.

Tom Holland is exceptionally well as Peter Parker, he honestly covers up the damage done by Andrew Garfield (there, we said it). The film is full of humor and self-mocking. The spider man in making is brilliantly portrayed by the director. Parker is cheerful to the point of joviality. He makes his own home movies, refreshingly amateurish when compared to the gleam of Marvel filmmaking.

Tony Stark has the right amount of screen play, not over shadowing our little hero but also marking a thump. It’s staggering that with his little on screen time, he successfully brought out the man in Peter Parker, to the point where even he was perplexed.


Two of the action scene stands out in the movie when compared with others, but they are all low key when compared to other marvel movies. The very little appearance of Captain America is enough to watch the screen with glee.

Peter’s friendship with Ned is the icing on the cake, that’s the kind of friend a superhero in making would need!

The little romantic angle in the movie is refreshing and convincing. You almost wish for Peter and Liz to have their ‘moment’ as put in by Karen.


A young spider man needs even younger Aunt and Marisa Tomei fits in to the role like it was always meant for it.

Spiderman Homecoming is an addition to the Marvel hits. Holland has successfully carried a movie on his own and we admit, he is our favorite amongst the three. Definitely a must watch for all the superhero fans out there.

P.S. – Do not forget to watch the after credit teasers, there are two. You can thank us later…

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