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Review : Toilet Ek Prem Katha- A Social message entwined with humor

Director : Shree Narayan Singh
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Bhumi Pednekar, Divyendu Sharma, Anupam Kher, Sudhir Pandey
Genre: Social issue

By: Pranati Sharma

Shree Narayan Singh is one director who knows to break the stereotypes and always opts for the road less travelled . He has been offering the Indian audiences movies like “Baby”, “Special 26”, “A Wednesday” which carry a social message in itself. It’s evident that the director has learnt the art of movie making to the core and with his latest movie the editor turned director has only added another feather to his cap.

Keshav(Akshay Kumar) is termed unlucky for marriage by his pious father Panditji(Sudhir Pandey). In order to marry  a woman he is asked to marry a buffalo. Keshav succumbs to his tantrums and age old religious beliefs. But he really wants to settle in life and marry a girl of his choice. That is when he meets Jaya, a level headed girl who has no nonsense attitude and is  ready to go for a kill if required. He falls for her overtures and is left schmitten by her and like any other lover guy he makes passionate attempts to conquer her interests and finally succeeds at it when she accepts his proposal . After much drama, both marry of with great pomp and grandeur. The actual problem surfaces when the two get married and Jaya gets a rude shock when she discovers that Keshav has no toilet and that like all the other females even she has to defecate in open. The actual story begins when Keshav, without any support has to fight against all odds and build a toilet in his home.

Askhay Kumar as Keshav has nailed every bit of his character and leaves no stone unturned to make the film a worth watch. He as an actor seems to be evolving with every film and the recent one has only added another feather to his cap. His acting skills are pitch perfect. Coming to execution, the actor has perfectly balanced the comic timing without being sidetracked from the main issue. His Uttar Pradesh accent, dressing sense all seem realistic. His dialogue delivery and expressions score the maximum points in the film. On the other hand, Bhoomi Pednekar as a fearless girl who takes no nonsense has slayed it in every way. She as an actress is explored to her full potential. Anupam Kher in the film is the perfect example of “bhudhape me jawani”. He seems light hearted and half his age because of the upbeat mood which is maintained throughout the film. Divyendu Sharma as a supporting character surprisingly shines in the film.His comic timing was bang on. Though it may sound exaggerating, when  it comes to his comic timing, he was in a way far better than Akshay Kumar. Also Sudhir Pandey as Akshay Kumar’s father, a staunch believer of astrology has done a commendable job of acting.Its very rare to find other characters shine in an Akshay Kumar film but Divyendu Sharma and Bhoomi Pednekar set a benchmark for themselves.

Songs of the movie are average. “Has Mat Pagli” by Sonu Nigam will soothe your nerves. The background score of the film is good and leave you feeling pleasant.

Talking about the direction, Shree Narayan Singh has managed to hit the bulls eye and this film has set the ball rolling for his future endeavors as he explores his abilities to the best. He has to direct more movies which expand his horizon as a director. The scene where the ladies are shown carrying the tumblers filled with water, indication of defecating in fields seemed repetitive which could have been avoided.Also second half of the movie could have been less preachy. Apart from cleanliness, the film also highlights another positive point where Bhumi Pednekar’s parents are shown to be supportive of her choices and firmly stand by her decisions which shows that people are willingly to change and do not differentiate between the male and female gender.

The cinematography of the movie is marvelous. The fields, houses and many other aspects of the movie seem real to the core and gives us a raw feel in the movie. The mannerisms of people, body language, atmosphere and dialogue delivery are an icing on the cake. The editing of the film is average and could have been shorter and much better. The story and the narration will compel one to think about the issue.

Cinespeaks verdict : Visit this toilet once in your nearest theatres.

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