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Rheson to launch its new collection

Birth of their popular high street fashion label, Rheson was inevitable, considering how Sonam and Rhea Kapoor are always the ones to step out in style. Passing on the fine art of turning heads to the patrons of their label, the stylish sisters are to launch their new collection “The 80’s Collection” somewhere in the second week of February. It is learnt that the upcoming collection includes interesting prints of gaming motifs, television and walkman prints and boardgame prints like snakes & ladders among others..

Founded with the endeavor to make fashion affordable , the brand received commendable reception to their Nostalgia, Mogra, Mithai and Emoji collection. So popular is the label that even celebrities are seen sporting Rheson. Encouraged with such a response, the fashionistas thought the Valentine’s week the best time to revamp their designs and bring more variety to the stores.

Says, Rhea Kapoor, “We are focusing on 80’s fashion because we are children of the 80’s. Sonam was born in ’85 and I was born in ’87. It was a time in fashion that really inspired us, still inspires us and has come back in trend. We always saw our mum dress incredibly coolly at that time. A lot of our fashion icons are from that time. Just too many factors that come together. It’s really about colour, about taking risks and having fun. It’s like a big party.

This collection has a lot more athleisure. It has a lot more evening pieces, cocktail pieces, a lot more separates and we’re really playing a lot more with colour this season. We worked on bolder colours and bolder ideas. It’s a much more expressive collection.


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