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Rishina Kandhari on #MeToo: Some people are making up stories to get an offer from Bigg Boss

Actor Rishina Kandhari currently seen in Tenalirama and anchoring crime petrol supports the #MeToo movement and says that many people around her have also come up with their experiences of being sexually harassed. “Luckily, I have not gone through any such situation. But yes, I know many of them who have gone through this. I had no idea about it and they did not tell me about it before as well. They told me now and it is quite shocking because I know the people who have done the harassment,” she says.

She adds, “The movement is heading in the right direction. I feel that this should have started earlier. But nevertheless, as it has started now and everyone is speaking about it, I fell it’s great.”

However, she does agree that there are people who might misuse the movement to get their moment of fame. “There are people who take the opportunity of a moment like this to get fame. They think that if they speak about something like this or make up things, they will get an offer from Bigg Boss. But if someone is doing that for their own benefit, it is totally wrong,” she says.

Rishina feels the best way to react to a situation of harassment is to share it with your close ones. “I think the person should share it with a family member or his friends. He can also directly go to the media as media is quite supportive in this matter. But I don’t understand why the media is giving attention to someone like Rakhi Sawant? They should give attention to people with serious matters, the thing that she is doing, I feel, is quite hilarious,” she says.

She adds, “The right punishment is already given to many of them, getting them banned from what they were doing. Like many of the directors and actors have been banned already, so I feel that it is the right decision taken by people.”

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