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RJ Anmol Interview

RJ Anmol becomes the first ever Radio Jockey in India to have his own solo video song with SaReGaMa. The melodious song titled, “Khwab Ho Tu” is out on Youtube. RJ has dedicated this song to Legendary Rekha Ji. On the release of this absolutely melodious song, Cinespeaks had an great interaction with him. During the interaction RJ revealed…
Question: To start with, We would like to ask you that how do you feel after your very own video song, “Khwaab Ho Tum” being released which makes you the first ever RJ to release a single with SaReGaMa ?
RJ Anmol: Actually, I didn’t know this fact while I was working on the song that I am the first RJ in the country whose own album will be released. I came to know about this when I completed the song and while I was watching the video for the first time my team told me that I’m the first RJ to have his own Album. So I am really happy since its really great to be first in anything you do.
Question: You have dedicated this absolutely melodious song to Rekhaji. So what is the reason of this dedication?
RJ Anmol: I have been a huge admirer of Rekhaji from a very long time. I not only admire her acting on screen but also her actions off screen. I love her personality. And I really wish to meet her but not just in a casual way on an occasion or a party. Infact I’ve witnessed her in so many parties in recent past but i never approach her because i believe that it’s not the right time. I want to meet her in a proper RJ style. Simply having a drink and talking over some incidents doesn’t makes it memorable. I want to meet her when I actually achieve something and there after she comes to me and let me know how my work was. Well, I’m a RJ and RJs has their unique style of doing things.
Question: Yeah that’s indeed true. In the beginning of your video song, you have mentioned that you have made this song for the love of your life, Rekhaji. So what do we make out from, “the love of your life” ?
RJ Anmol: See, love has many definitions . For example, if you talk to me about God, my relationship with God is about love so its not that when you talk about love, its always going to be a boyfriend-girlfriend type of love. Love comes from a lot of admiration and respect and that’s the reason I said Rekhaji is the love of my life. It actually means that I’m the biggest admirer of her.
Question: So can we say that Rekhaji is one such personality in your life whom you love the most?
RJ Anmol: It would be a huge statement to make, but yes, as far as the legends are concerned, I think it will be correct to say that I do love her. I do love her work, her dedication towards everything she does, do inspires me.
Question: We sincerely hope that Rekhaji listens to this album and meets you as soon as possible. Coming back to your early years, how did you develop your interest towards becoming an RJ?
RJ Anmol: Becoming an RJ was quite an accident for me. I had gone to a radio station to meet a friend of mine and I came to know that they are selecting voices and I thought of giving my voice too and I gave it and finally I was selected. So becoming an RJ was really accidental.
Question: So after becoming an RJ, did you drop the idea of everything you wanted to do or still thought of continuing those?
RJ Anmol: Earlier I used to work in advertising in which I have done my masters. But now, I am not doing anything related to advertising. It has just been a matter of time that I am working as an RJ and anchoring . Besides, I have my own show on television right now and I also have my own show in NetFlix and in fact, I am the first RJ in the country to be on NetFlix. I had met almost every legends except, Legendary Rekhaji. This song was made so that she listens to her and we can meet. And I’m leaving no stones unturned to make this dream of mine come true.
Question: So can you tell something about your show on NetFlix?
RJ Anmol: Basically, it’s a chat show with the legends from Hema Malini to Zeenat Amaan. I have also interviewed these legends. To add , I have interviewed Asha Bhosle, Amitabh Bacchan, Dharmendra, and many more but Rekhaji is one person who is not ready to meet me and I hope she will soon.
Question: Can you share some of your memorable moments while shooting “Khwaab Ho Tum”?
RJ Anmol: The most memorable moment was shooting outside Rekhaji’s house and it was really enthralling that we were doing it actually at that place and at the same time we were also scared of someone coming out and telling us to leave from there but we took the risk and did it .
Question: So did your team tried to approach Rekhaji and tell her that a song is being made which is dedicated to her? If yes, what was her response?
RJ Anmol: Yes. Actually, I didn’t do it myself but I came to know that many people had started texting her tried to call her and let her know about this song. Presently I am doing a radio campaign of going and delivering flowers to Rekhaji’s house with a note saying- “Please meet RJ Anmol” and people have already started doing that as well.
Question: You indeed seem very desperate to meet your legend love. Where does that amount of desperation come from?
RJ Anmol: If you don’t have a desperation of doing anything in life or if you are not desperate regarding doing your respective work and be ahead in every walk of your life, then there is no point in doing it and you will not achieve your goal or target. That passion has to be there for doing your tasks or jobs. And I’m desperate for everything that I do. That could be my biggest strength that I’m desperate for everything in life.
Question: On an ending note, what are your future plans ahead? Would you like to continue being an RJ or do you have something more interesting thing to do than this?
RJ Anmol: I have done some shows on T.V. but I wish to do more bigger shows which is on my mind for quite sometime. So lets see where it goes but right now my focus is on my song, “Khwaab Ho Tum” and I have even produced the song myself so the whole energy is focussed on it.
Question: Do you have any idea of making or producing another song in the future?
RJ Anmol: As of now, no further plans for the future. My focus,presently, is on this song.


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