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Roar of The Lion – The journey of MS Dhoni and the Dad’s army

As Chennai Super Kings fight for IPL title once again tonight, here are 10 powerful dialogues from Hotstar Specials Roar of The Lion which describes the journey of MS Dhoni and the Dad’s army.

1.       I still remember the long haired MS Dhoni riding his bike around Chennai, it was new for the fans – N Srinivasan

2.       Watching Dhoni in action feels like one of our very own is playing on the field – CSK fans

3.       When we heard about the ban it felt like hearing about the death of a loved one – Sarvanan Hari, fan Chennai Super Kings

4.       Everything has a conscience, MS Dhoni was the conscience of CSK. If the conscience was at stake, you couldn’t rely on anything. Dhoni became the central talking point– Ayaz Memon, Sports Writer

5.       My name also came up, they dragged me into match fixing – MS Dhoni

6.       The problem when people think that you’re very strong is, more often than not nobody comes and asks you how you’re doing – MS Dhoni

7.       There comes a time when a man breaks down when he misses his loved ones or gets back everything, and this is how MS Dhoni expressed his emotions upon comeback – Suresh Raina

8.       Nobody except Dhoni can scale such great heights, maybe Virat Kohli – Mathew Hayden

9.       CSK’s comeback was equivalent to Diwali in Chennai – Sarvanan Hari, fan Chennai Super Kings

10.   2018 victory was for our fans, the fans who supported us for two years when we did not participate in IPL they were still standing with us – MS Dhoni

Roar of The Lions is now streaming on Hotstar VIP.

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