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Sahil Salathia attends Justin Beiber’s concert!

Bollywood and TV celebs turned up in huge numbers at the Justin Bieber concert recently held in Mumbai to see the singing sensation perform live.
Indian supermodel-turned-actor, Sahil Salathia who made his acting debut with a lead role in Ashutosh Gowariker’s show Everest and is a huge fan of Bieber also attended the concert with his friends.
Sahil says, “I think the concert was not as bad as it’s being’ sold as on the internet right now. Yeah, the whole lip syncing’ bit and turning’ up in your shorts for a concert is not really something’ that can be appreciated but then again,i’m sure the kids were still ecstatic to just see him probably and isn’t that Justin’s main audience anyway! So,all’s good! Having said that,everybody is not Michael Jackson!”

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