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Salman Khan and Govinda pair up as a Vichitra Jodi for Bigg Boss 12!!!

Dancing his way through, this weekend, a never happened before moment, Salman Khan will take a Jodidaar and live the life of a contestant for few hours. Who’s his partner? Well, the one and only, Hero No 1, Govinda.
Both, Salman and Govinda, will wake up in the Bigg Boss house just like the contestants, and will be seen doing chores like the contestants do, including making breakfast for each other. Later, both will be seen nominating jodis from Bollywood, a fun take on how and who they’d like to nominate for various reasons. Who will these partners nominate from their Bollywood circle? What secrets will they reveal? This will surely intrigue the viewers.
With built up frustration, anger and an eviction that’s about to happen, the inmates will get a dose of laughter when Govinda will join host Salman Khan on stage to interact with them. Being at his hilarious best, Govinda will get them to play a game which will further increase the dose of entertainment.
With such a jovial guest on the show, will Govinda be able to calm down the temperament of the contestants?

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