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Salman Khan becomes Bigg Boss for a day; gives entertaining tasks to contestants

Good deeds never go wasted. If you do good for the people around you then over time your good karma will often pay back. With Romil’s gesture that has left the world in awe, this Weekend Ka Vaar brought in delightful surprises for the contestants who’s good deeds over the past week were much appreciated.

Preity Zinta’s charismatic entry in the house brought a smile on everyone’s face. Preity announced a fun task where the contestants were divided into two groups and were asked to present a romantic movie in the Bigg Boss house. The winner of this task would have an advantage in the next week’s nominations. The advantage was like a blessing in disguise as it could change the entire game for the coming week. Jasleen, Megha, Dipika, Srishty and Rohit were in one team and Deepak, Romil, Somi, Sreesanth and Surbhi were in the other. Karanvir was not allowed to participate as he was the captain of the house. Both the teams gave their best to win the task and left Preity confused as to who did better.

Later, Salman Khan decided to play the role of Bigg Boss for the day and gave the contestants quirky tasks that uplifted their mood. He made them do slo-mo dance on his popular song ‘Baby ko bass pasand hai’, Naagin dance, made Somi wax Deepak’s hand etc. To add to the drama, he asked Jasleen to give up all her makeup and put in the storeroom leaving her in stress.

Salman Khan was impressed with Romil’s act of kindness where he sacrificed to see his family video and let Somi watch hers. As a gift, Salman showed Romil a video of his 8 month old son. Romil got emotional and was very thankful to Salman. He was unaware of another huge surprise that was waiting for him in the confession room. His wife and son made a special visit to see him. Romil’s happiness multiplied a hundred in meeting them. On a special request Bigg Boss allowed him to make his son meet the other contestants.

After all the happy moments, it was time for some reality check as two contestants were sent to the Sultani Akhada. To give each other a tough fight, this time Karanvir and Sreesanth were nominated for the akhada were they were given a chance to vent out their frustration.

A time bomb was ticking, the anxiety of the nominated contestants was also soaring as the entire Happy Club was nominated and were disturbed as they do not want to let go of anyone from their core group.

What twist will Preity’s task bring? Will the Happy club remain happy or the eliminations break them apart?

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