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SARA ALI KHAN: Kedarnath is everything I’ve ever dreamt of and it has been so powerful for me

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sara Ali Khan is all set to make her big screen debut with Kedarnath. The film, directed by Abhishek Kapoor and has Sushant Singh Rajput playing male lead opposite Sara. Sara has dreamt about becoming an actor since age of 4, finally this talented gem has risen above.

Q. Most of the people have a person who is responsible for someone’s career, so who is that person in your life?
I don’t think I can answer that question with asurity. I’m standing today where I am because of Abhishek Kapoor and Rohit Shetty. But I can’t say Abhishek sir is wholely responsible for my career, it wouldn’t be fair to Rohit sir. But having said that, the opportunity to work in this film and be given a film like Kedarnath makes Abhishek sir extremely special to me.

Q. What would you say about your learning experience?
Everyday I’m learning. And I’m learning something that even my mother and father are still doing. So in this profession everyone is still learning. Being present and real in those moments is the most that you can do. Because between action and cut the only thing that really matters is what your character is feeling. And trying to portray that with sincerity is all that you can really do. Having a director who has your eye on you, which I did have, and having a co-actor who is giving you not just the cues but advice and inputs, which also, I was lucky enough to have. That is the only reason I have been able to do what you’ve seen in the trailer. And I hope that you feel the same after seeing the film.

Q. These two directors and co-star you spoke about but what about the second co-star?
Ranveer is amazing. He is a bundle of energy. It’s such a privilege to work with him. He’s the only person I think I’ve been a fan of. I’ve gone up to him at a wedding and asked for a photographer, that was the first time I’ve ever met him. The second time I met him was in Hyderabad, on Rohit sir’s set to shoot with Ranveer. So, working with him has really been an overwhelming experience for me.

Q. With which director, Abhishek or Rohit, you felt the most comfortable with?
I can’t answer that, with both of them the vibes were very different. But there’s just something about not just Abhishek sir or Rohit sir but our entire unit. There’s never been a moment of discomfort on the set. I’ve always been treated with a lot of love and respect and given a lot of comfort on both the sets. So there’s no way that I can compare.

Q. Is Kedarnath the kind of launch you’ve always dreamt of?
Yes, it is. Kedarnath is everything I’ve ever dreamt of. The film is not just only something that you go to theatre and watch and people like us should know that better than anybody else. A film is someone narrating to you or sitting in film city and talking to journalists. It’s all of that. And all this that has been surreal. From day one Kedarnath has been so powerful for me. And it has always been something I’ve always been very passionate about. It’s gone through it’s ups and downs but there was conviction that we would emerge stronger because we’re good people trying to make a good film and there’s no reason that that wouldn’t happen. But even with that much conviction, we’re not invincible. There was 20% of me that was petrified because I did think that this film wouldn’t get carmanated or wouldn’t get released. And because of how much Kedarnath meant to me and means to me, I almost couldn’t sleep for days, I would call Gattu sir repeatedly everyday to ask what’s happening. Here my mom used to be very loving and supportive and then slowly she became concerned and even scared and she was like you will drive yourself insane. But Kedarnath has been a passion project for me from the get go.

Q. Did you come across any story in Utrakhand which gave you goosebumps?
Don’t know about goosebumps but there was a girl I met named Babita, she lived in Rishikesh. I went to her book store and I thought I’ll leave in 10-15 mins. But I stayed there for 2-2 and a half hours and kept talking to her. She was telling me how they all live there and listening to it I realized how differently everyone’s life are. Although we didn’t meet any survivals, maybe we should have but we had watched so many documentaries about it. But no one can understand the real condition of the situation unless they see it.

Q. This being your first movie, did this enrich you as a person?
it definitely enriched me as a human being because Kedarnath has been from the very beginning, an extremely full experience. It has taught me a lot. And my experience is not limited only to the camera. It’s taught me how to sleep at night if you don’t know if your film is going to release. That’s a learning for a newcomer. The stakes are very high. You can be hunger, tired and sleep deprived but nothing matters between action and cut. It teaches you how to focus and prioritize. I have come to understand how important every light my on my set is.

Q. Can you brief us about your character.
I never went through any diction but I worked with Sushant and if you think my Hindi is okay, his Hindi is ‘sarvottam’. He told me initially, that I will only talk to him in Hindi. So my classes for diction were talking to Sushant on set in Hindi constantly and consistently. My character is not stubborn but if she makes up her mind about something that she wants, she just wants it. That is a sense of clarity.

Q. Since how long did you wanted to become an actor?
I wanted to become an actor since I was 4-5 years old. I was convinced that I would but I also was very studious. I went to pursue law but I realized that nothing gives me the rush that acting does. That’s when I knew for sure.

Q. Which movie of you father, mother and grandmother, enhanced you as an actor?
Daag is an outstanding movie, one of my favourite movie ever. My favourite movie of mom’s is Chameli Ki Shaadi. Now after working on Simmba with Rohit sir and Ranveer, I have realized that comedy as a genre is very hard. So, the way in which mom has done that is so lovely. But what she has done in Betaab is next level. Omkara is my favourite performance of my father’s and equally good in Hum Tum.

Q. Did your parents approve of Kedarnath as your debut?
They both are aware that I have a mind of my own but their support is very important to me. And I had both my parent’s support on Kedarnath. But when I heard the script and suppose I didn’t had their support, I had done it anyway! And they knew that.

Q. What about the box office numbers?
SARA: I don’t understand box office but I know it matters. I know 100crores is a big deal so I hope Kedarnath makes 100crores. I want the film to go hit but that does not pressurize me because that is not in hand. Its nervousness without any pressure.

Q. How did you like Janhvi’s work?
I loved her worked.

Q. Are you nervous about newcomers in Bollywood.
Not at all. Look at the actors that we already have. There are many people in acting. I am excited about that, I hope we get to see more new talent every single day. So that there are more actors to entertain our audiences because they deserve that versatility. Everyone comes in with their own freshness and uniqueness and nobody can take that away from them.

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