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Shardul Pandit is just a call away : Arshi Khan

This year Anand Mishra and Ekta Kapoor‘s Box Cricket League has been an out and out entertaining ride for all of us and two people are the most important factors behind gaining attention. The l match’s commentator Shardul Pandit and the entertainment queen Arshi Khan who is playing for Kolkata Babumoshaye. Both Shardul and Arshi gelled very well during the BCL matches and have become friends for life.

When asked Arshi says,”Its been a pleasure to know Shardul closely, the best part is he is just a call away. He always responds to my messages and calls. In today’s time when we all are so stressed and busy to cope up with our life Shardul always make it a point to talk to me whenever I need him. Recently we have gone for dinner and had loads of fun.”

Arshi also adds,”I am an outsider and have no knowledge about the entertainment industry, so whenever I am seeking some tips and help I know Shardul can help me.”

We can see a lot of sweet moments between the BCL matches with Shardul and Arshi – The best friends of the town.

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