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Shashaa Tirupati makes her debut in the independent music space with her English single, ‘String of Air’ (Lyrical Video out).

National Award winning singer Shashaa Tirupati has released her first independent English single ‘String Of Air’, a song which mainly focuses on the feeling ‘Sometimes Vulnerability is Good’. “This song is about when the afteraffect of vulnerability actually gives you a sense of calm. Letting your guard down. There’s a moroseness to it, considering small, temporary pockets of happiness or solace arent the most desirable, but accepting that. And perhaps letting things be and allowing yourself to soak in the moment. When put together, these moments aggregate into something more permanent and fulfilling. Intimate. Honest.”

Shashaa credits her friend Poorvi for inspiring her to express herself through this track, reveals a source “The song is all about showcasing your individuality to the world and Poorvi who is one of Shashaa’s close friend pushed her to release the video on Instagram, something Shashaa has been contemplating for long.

Commenting on the track, Shashaa says ” I have mustered a tremendous amount of courage to put this song out. Intimate and honest, this song expresses a state of mental conundrum, vulnerability and its acceptance and, thereafter, letting the right one in, howsoever temporary that pocket of solace may be. Those pockets are like the sun’s rays through cracks in the wall, essential and enlightening. And it’s okay when things go back to a non-optimal normal. They pave way to newer rays.”

Apart from singing and writing the song, Shashaa has also done the vocal arrangements while Siddhu Kumar, JC Joe and A.K Priyan are credited with music production.

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