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Shashank Vyas and Neha Mahajan’s unique bond 

Not every relationship needs to have a blood connection. There are many relationships in this world which are made just out of good karmic connections. Shashank Vyas and Neha Mahajan’s relationship is something exactly like that. Shashank and Neha share a sibling relationship. Incidentally, Neha is actor Adhvik Mahajan’s wife. It’s been 6 years that Neha ties a Rakhi in Shashank’s hand. 

Shashank says,” We first met at a common friend’s birthday party and became friends. Then Adhvik also becomes part of our friendship. Sometime later Neha started tying a Rakhi on my wrist, I see that as a bond so pure that I’d happily carry that responsibility on my shoulders for life. I will always be there to protect her and take care of her. Our energies are quite similar. We talk on every topic for hours. Sometimes, you are not bonded by blood but God has his way of sending an even stronger bond. Neha and Adhvik are actually families to me.” Like every year this year also Shashank is eagerly waiting for the Raksha Bandhan day.

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