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Shashank Vyas: Himanshu Malhotra can make anyone open up instantly

Actor Shashank Vyas was the latest guest at actor Himanshu Malhotra’s talk show ‘Share And Grow Spotlight’, and the former says that it was an experience that he will always remember. Shashank says that Himanshu is an excellent host and he really enjoyed sharing his experiences with him. “It was fantastic to be part of ‘Share And Grow Spotlight’. He is a spontaneous host and a good human being. He is such a friendly host that he can make anyone one open up effortlessly. I wish Himanshu all the very best. It was a pleasure to be on his talk show,” says Shashank.

In fact, the actor says that he learnt a lot about himself on the show as well. “While expressing myself on the show, I learnt many new things especially the art of detachment and the feeling of letting go. You have to follow your own path and create your own journey and for that, you need to leave your past behind,” he says.

Shashank adds that he values his relationship with people over everything else. “I am a very sensitive person. I catch vibes of people very fast and value relationships based on emotional connections. I always call a spade, a spade. I can never be diplomatic. I prefer people who say whatever they feel on the face rather than behind the back. I believe in living life one day at a time,” he says.


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