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Shekhar Suman lashes out on Kangana Ranaut

The Karan – Kangana war is getting dirtier as the time passes and it won’t be wrong if we say two friends (acquaintance) have turned into foes. Kangana was invited at Karan Johar’s chat show where she called him the flag bearer of nepotism, it went to an extent that Karan went shut at the accusations by his guest.

20 days later, the filmmaker responded to these comments saying he is done with Kangana using her ‘Victim card’ and ‘Woman card’. Even before we could react to Karan’s statement, Kangana remarked that she wasn’t using her ‘Woman Card’, but her ‘badass card’ in the show.

Amidst all this, here comes Shekhar Suman again when he posted a direct tweet for the National Award Winning actress. His tweet reads, “Bad ass bad mouth bad films bad acting bad behaviour bad english ..what next?”

If this was not enough, in a recent interaction with a portal, the actor was asked about his take on the Karan-Kangana war. He said, “My opinion anything on her will flare up again because of the past history. I feel everybody on earth cannot be wrong, whether it is Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan, Shekhar Suman, Adhyan Suman, Sanjay Dutt or whether it’s Ajay Devgn, she is just rubbing a lot of people in a wrong way. See I think what you pay gets in return. What happened in the show and what was told to Karan, I think he did a very suitable thing by replying in his own terms. You can’t just say anything and walk ahead, you’re crossing with all biggies of the industry and you will get it back one day and very hard.”

Talking about Kangana using the Victim Card, Suman says, “I don’t like these weeping women and women who cry to everyone claiming that they were victimized, traumatized, agonized and all that. Otherwise, when you are talking about equality, everybody is in the same line. But some women save their cards conveniently. You become a woman and a man according to your convenience. You say that you are the hero of the film and not the heroine. It is quite irritating to see these blubbering women who get all the support in the world from the internet. This is manufactured and fake feminism and beyond a point it is irritating. These women talk about their achievements and struggles, what the hell everyone is an achiever here.”

He also had a suggestion for Kangana where he advised her to keep her mouth shut and let her work speak for herself.
He was asked if he thinks Karan Johar promotes nepotism, “Firstly nepotism is promoting your family members like bhai bhatija, you can say he is clannish. Nepotism happens in politics, this is not nepotism, who is Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan or Alia Bhatt to him. Also everybody has a clan and a camp. Even in real life we have a family and we support them,” Suman signed off.

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