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Shweta Rohira: Anant sir is like the perfect father

Father’s Day means a lot to actor Shweta Rohira, who makes sure to make it as special as she can for her dad. The actor has gifted him a self-composed poem to her father this year. “Everyday is Father’s Day but this is one day where we take an extra effort to make our hero, our father realise that he means the world to us,” she says, adding, “The first poem that I ever wrote was for my papa when I was in the fourth standard. He has always motivated me to write poems and stories. This was why his Father’s Day, I just wanted to write a poem to let him know how much I love him.”

Shweta says that a father plays a lot of roles in a daughter’s life. “He’s her first love, her first hero, he’s the king and she’s his little princess. He’s the one who makes her believe in fairy tales,” she says.

Her recent play ‘That’s My Girl’ focusses on father-daughter relationships. Talking about it, she says, “I think I couldn’t have asked for anything better as I have always been very close to my papa. Having to portray a father-daughter relationship on stage was really special.”

She also shares a great equation with actor Anant Mahadevan who is playing your father in the play. “Anant sir is like the perfect father. He’s protective, caring, passionate and he makes me feel so comfortable and so much like a daughter that I forget that we are acting,” she says.


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