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Siddharth Malhotra: One question is not enough for a lifetime to know me.



Siddharth  Malhotra  is one actor who knows the  price of  success and  is willing  to   work   towards it.  He   first  worked as an  assistant   director to Karan Johar’s “My  Name is Khan”. He then went onto  make his debut with “Student of  the  year” and after that there   was  no  looking back. The  actor  then  went  onto star in myriad of films like “Kapoors&Sons”,  “Ek   Villan”, “Hasee Toh  Phasee”. In a  candid  chat  with Pranati Sharma, from Cinespeaks,  the  actor speaks at length about his movie and lot  more. Read  on…..

Who  is Siddharth Malhotra in real life?

He   is a mixture of three Sunder, Susheel and  Risky. Nobody is one particular thing. One question is not enough for a lifetime to  know me.

How is Jacqueline Fernandez as a co-star?

She is one of the nicest co-stars I have ever met. She is always in a positive mood and when she is around the sets her mood certainly affects yours. She is infectious. We share a great friendship and the fact that both of us get along is evident from the trailer of the film.

You play two different characters Gaurav and Risky. Was it difficult for you to switch among those?

This is the first time I am playing two different characters. You have to understand  the  difference  between  the  two   characters, keep  them alive. Giving not much  on the story,  it is not  a typical double role film. The  two characters  are so different. One is  extremely sober and the other is aggressive. It  was fun to play two roles in  same film.   There is  more   work  for an actor.

Which of them do you relate  the  most?

I think I am definitely not Gaurav. He is very ambitious.  His dreams are very ordeal. He is an NRI and he goes to a 9-5 job.  He knows to cook. He has a very secured life with everything set. He has a mini van in for his  family, a  house. I couldn’t  relate to that. Rishi I like more as he is aggressive, jumps of the building with leather  jackets.

Did you train yourself for the action?

I did take a lot of training for the action. A French choreographer Siril Raffire trained me for the action. He  trained  me in a lot of hand to hand combat, a lot of action. I have scars for this kind of film and  that is going to stay for life. I had a lot of  bruises and scars. I enjoyed it thoroughly. But it is a part and parcel of doing an action film where injuries keep happening.

What kind of changes did you bring  about in your physicality’s?

I  just lost a few kilos. I got fitter but there was no major transformation.We had  tacos to make it  look fitter and lean. I took like 6 months of the traning.We  shot body  shots  in Mumbai and Goa. Itt  was a bit difficult but then I hope people like the physicality  of the character.

The  action in the film looks sleek. How was your   experience shooting  for it?

The action  in our film is real and  there   is nothing  larger  than life image.  There  is no substitute. All the  action is  done by me. Standing on the of the 60 storeyed building or punching. I  think we have kept it little more real. If I fall down in the  film there are  reactions of pain are real. There is no  anti   gravity action and whatever it is, the  authenticity is  maintained to the  core.

Apart from action there  is a comedy  element in it and  with comedy being considered as a difficult genre, how did  you  go about with  it?

In this it became easier as it  was already written  in  the   script. The characters   don’t make a  deliberate attempt to make people laugh. When you perform for a comedy film, it doesn’t mean you  have to be  serious. So its more contemporary kind of film.

Three  songs  in the movie are released. Which is your favourite song?

I love  the song “Bandook meri  laila” if you have   heard it in the trailer, you would know. Sachin-Jigar  has  done a great job and I love the track  to   the core. It is very upbeat and lifts up your mood instantly. I have rapped in it for the first time.

You showcased your dancing skills in every movie. Do you consciously choose such movies?

I love dancing a lot. I like hindi movie dancing a lot. The film requires it and people totally enjoy it. Be it Kala Chasma which is an upbeat song I love to explore my dancing skills to a  great  extent.   Chandralekha  is one song where I have explored  my dancing potential to the best. I am only the one dancing and Jacqueline is doing the pole dancing and was totally mesmerized in it.

How do you react to the linkup rumors with your co-stars? 

I am always ok  with  it. Apart from Akshay  Kumar we are linked to all of them. I feel bad for Akshay Kumar.

The industry lately is seeing a lot of double role characters in films. Do you really feel there is a need for “judwaa” characters?

My film has set the ball rolling. But it’s not only about the dual characters, there is a lot more to it.  You will know it when you watch the film. It is not a fair comparison because when you talk about the other films which have a lot of confusion but here it is a case of mistaken identity.  Once you see the film, you will be in a better position to compare. It is an out and out action film that stands out.

Your last film “Baar baar dekho” unfortunately did not do well. Do you have any kind of pre release jitters?

It’s just like a bad day at work. You come from  outside  and want to  make  it big in the city.  When things don’t  go my  way, it  kind of charges me up much more to  do  better. Having   said that    it makes you work much harder. I generally   believe  I am just  competing  myself. But I  am pretty gung-ho and  excited  about this film.





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