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Sneak Peak | Aditya Roy Kapoor’s Bachelor pad

Aditya Roy Kapoor, Bollywood’s eligible bachelor just moved into his new home, done up by Architect and Interior Designer Ashiesh Shah using rugs from his collection at Cocoon Fine Rugs by Ayush Choudhary (Worli).

It gives an insight into his love for reading. His inclination towards music with the piano in since he is also known to be a great singer

Ashiesh Shah has recently collaborated with India’s premium rug company, Cocoon Fine Rugs and used rugs from there to accentuate and highlight elements in Aditya’s home.

For Cocoon Fine Rugs’ Ashiesh has curated a limited edition of rugs that uses elegant and classy designs, which make for the perfect rugs to accessorize luxurious homes.

Cocoon Fine Rugs, which was started by Ayush Choudhary & has Choudhary Exports as its parent company, offers customized sizes for each rug which can be made on order to fit the space perfectly. The make of the rug depends on the character of the space where the rug is to be used. If it is for the living room, or a similar common area, a rug with a blend of wool and silk should do the trick. Customization ranges from sizes, design & material. This includes colours as well as design. A rug could also be monogrammed or have names written on to the rugs making it the perfect wedding gift as well as heirloom pieces considering the longevity of the rugs and how they could be passed down from one generation to another. This exquisite rug collection is displayed at Cocoon Fine Rugs’ gallery in Worli, Mumbai. Cocoon Fine Rugs also has its gallery in Bengaluru & Kolkata.

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