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SRK : Every filmmaker would want to make a love story with me

Known as the King of Romance, Shahrukh Khan has made us fall in love with him with his charm and love chemistry with his co-stars. Hat we haven’t seen is the pair of Imtiaz and Shahrukh and that is what makes their upcoming project ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ more interesting.


A leading daily recently asked Shahrukh about Imtiaz’s take on love stories, Shahrukh stated, “He deals more with the unsaid emotions -what two people are going through due to the different circumstances they are in. This film has a strong love story, it doesn’t fly off the hook. It’s not completely in a zone that is poetic but is not prose either. Imtiaz was clear that he wanted to give it some earthiness. The emotions are much more grounded.”

Talking about the pairing of the two (SRK and Imtiaz), he said, “The one thing I will tell you is that every filmmaker who wants to make a love story will want to make one with me, even if they have already made enough. I’m not being pompous, but somewhere down the line, whenever there is a love scene or a moment of romance, each of these free-thinking directors turns around and say, `Sir, yeh aap hi se toh seekha hai. Aap batao kaise karoge?’ As an actor, I’d never like to change the language. For me, it’s encouraging and means two things – one, they have seen it and learnt it from me and so, I shouldn’t do it the same way. And two, I should speak the language of the director and not make it like how I had done it in an earlier film. I’m not playing this young bubbly boy; I’m playing a guy who has seen life. I believe Harry could be the evolution of how Raj and Rahul would be.He’s decent, has a sense of humour and some anger. Inherently, a lover is someone who demands love, he doesn’t beg for it and respects the woman he is in love with. When Imtiaz narrated the story, we did a few rehearsals. He had Anushka in mind and had spoken to her. The marriage happened because I respect his language and he respects the love I have for a love story.”

Very well said!

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