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SRK finally breaks his silence on Zero’s failure!

SRK undoubtedly is an eternal superstar which Bollywood has produced but then the last few years for the actor hasn’t gone the way he would have liked.. 

His films are bombing at the BO and his last ‘Zero’ was an unfortunate disaster inspite of having the star power of Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif.. 

Despite many high expectations, the film bombed badly at the BO which has undoubtedly made SRK really sad and rightfully so. Afterall, a film is an output of an entire team working hard for a long time.. So naturally if it fails to make an impact, it does hurt.. Although SRK has been quiet about Zero’s outcome till now, he finally decided to open up on ‘Zero’ and it’s failure when asked by someone at the 9th Beijing International Film Festival in China.. ‘Zero’ will be shown as the closing film in the film festival. 

Reacting on the same, SRK said, 

Unfortunately Zero itself wasn’t received too well back home in India, maybe I made the wrong film, maybe I did not do the right storytelling so I am a little wary how it will be received here and I hope people here will like it. 

To add more to it, he said,

 Mostly, the labours of love go wrong, it’s the normal ones that go right. But when it went wrong, I felt really bad. It just got so rejected by so many people. When you make a film like that for three years and it goes wrong then you are a little, not depressed or sad, but you know, “I don’t want to see it.” So, I am going to see the film after three months, so for me, it’s very significant, let me just go see, maybe I will be able to figure out… what went wrong.

Well we strongly hope SRK gets it right the next time because he was, is and will always be the ‘Baadshah’ of Bollywood. Just a matter of time till he regains his Mojo. 


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