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SUNDAY SPECIAL: Interesting facts about Mohammed Rafi

It was said that Mohammed Rafi sung a total of 26000 songs but researchers have only found 7405. The statistics of 26000 could never be proved. It is said that an anchor in a foreign music concert introduced Mohhammed Rafi declaring that he has sung 26000 songs. What comes interesting is that even Rafi sahib considered it to be true.
This Sunday, we bring to you such interesting and unknown facts about the music icon, Mohammed Rafi.


1. Rafi Sahab’s era was considered to have a downfall when R.D Burman introduced Kishore Kumar in the industry.

2. Despite this, the two had a healthy competition between them. It is also said Kishore Da cried his heart out sitting next to the mortal remains of Mohammed Rafi.

3. Mohammed Rafi has sung over 7000 songs, giving his voice in 14 different language and 4 international language. He is known to sing in maximum number of languages as Indian playback singer.

4. He has sung 162 songs in other languages and the rest were all in Hindi.

5. Rafi Sahab has also sung for Kishore Kumar, used by the character played by the latter in the movies Shararat (1956) and Ragini (1958).


6. Rafi’s song Jaan Pahchaan Ho from the movie Gumnaam (1965) was used in the Hollywood movie Ghost World released in the year 2001.

7. For his duet sections, for his female duet – it would be Asha Bosle and for the male duets, it was mostly famous singer Manma Dey.

8. The famous song E Mohhabat Zindabad from Mughal e Azam, sung by Rafi Sahab featured the voices of 100 people as chorus.

9. He has also performed as an actor in movies like Laila Majnu and Jugnu, both of which were financially successful.

10. Once, Mohd. Rafi and Kishore Da challenged each other unknowingly. For the beautiful song Tum Bin Jaun Kahan, the makers of the song needed two different play back singers for different artist to sing the song. Rafi’s voice was used for Sashi Kapoor’s character while Kishore Kumar’s was suited for Bharat Bhushan. The version sung by Rafi turned out to be more popular.


Compiled By – Paridhi Tripathi

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