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Sushant Singh Rajput bridges social paradigm with the power of social media

Sushant Singh Rajput, a polymath, is seen sharing his insightful thoughts on various subjects on social media. Unlike most celebrities, he has been posting on topics across the spectrum including science, space, literature and music. He has been able to bring together like-minded people to create a buzz about these subjects. His fans and followers have been highly receptive flooding responses on all his posts with healthy discussions and positive feedback.

In order to engage in a healthy knowledge sharing discussion, he responds to close to 200 followers on his Instagram. His replies add to healthy debate and encouragement on these important topics following up the right mood of his posts. His social media conversations go beyond his fans, he has been seen having intense conversations with eminent scientist Karan Jani (https://twitter.com/astrokpj/status/966925086157615104?s=21) prominent entrepreneurs like Kunal Shah, to create awareness around space, math, books and life.

In his newest video on social media, he has caught everyone’s attention owing to his collection of books and the idea behind the post. While the caption is meant to be subjective, the post left everyone in a minute of consideration, the thought behind this is a revelation. Displaying a range of books across subjects such as poems, history, philosophy and science, the post is a testimony to the actor’s love for reading. He has already founded a book club named Intoxillectual.

Sushant, through his post, is reaching out to people and make them understand how time should be defined as a relative concept, subjective to one’s own life. Each individual is the master of their own life’s narrative and choices without conforming to the society’s paradigm of the time.


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