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Sushant Singh Rajput’s warrior-look in Raabta custom crafted by the duo Vipul & Harsheen

From the boy-next-door to a ferocious warrior- what it takes to recreate an era gone by!


Sushant Singh Rajput’s latest release Raabta, is getting attention not only for his acting but also ultra realistic period look as a warrior. Vipul Amar and Harsheen K. Arora from The V Renaissance are the ones behind the crafting of the armour that becomes the crux of Sushant Singh Rajput’s ‘past life’ look in Raabta. The V Renaissance is a luxury design house that specializes in exclusive leather craftsmanship.

“The film has had extensive research go into it, with the sets, the costumes and looks all specifically designed to recreate an era gone by in an ultra-realistic fashion. Infact, the costume designer Maxima Basu specifically sought out and worked with us. The aesthetics, the fluidity of motion and an intense focus on details which are the hallmarks of our brand became integral to the curation.” said Harsheen Arora.

Harsheen & Vipul custom created this look to ensure that the authenticity and the ethos of the character and the story was translated into a visual experience. Infact, the research that went into creating the armour for the “Past life” look for Sushant was so intense that realistic situational experiences and encounters were taken into account. Animal attacks, terrain influences, ergonomic aspects, camera aesthetics, were all accounted for.

“I approached The V Renaissance for Sushant ‘a wild warrior look because I wanted customized detailed leather armour which had a unique look ,from the colour and texture of the hide to the form it would be casted in- all very specific to the environment of Jilan. I was truly impressed with their leather craft and felt they could come up with leather patterns that have not been explored before.” said Maxima Basu.

Indeed the detailing on the armour is so extensive and intrinsic that one can actually see the exquisite leather-smithing and masonry which has gone into the crafting of each piece. In the words of Vipul Amar, “Each piece was crafted keeping in mind the fluidity of motion and the duress of the natural elements that the character would have had to go through. Each piece has been created without a single seam because we realized that the character would not have had the luxury of threads or needles given the starkness of the terrain and the sheer rawness of the era.”

Movie’s Synopsis: When a human being dies, they lose 21 grams from the body. This, they say, is the weight of the soul. The journey of a soul transcends space and time… it goes well beyond the realms of this earth. Raabta tells the story of two seemingly ordinary individuals, going about their lives until their paths cross and they realize that they belong with one another. Unaware of a connection that was forged several hundred years ago, Shiv and Saira are inexplicably drawn to each other. This is the story of the incredible journey when two souls unite, to become one. It blends the past and the present in a timeless tale of love, intrigue, entertainment and life (twice over!).

The V Renaissance designs bespoke luxury and soulful products for their clientele starting from scratch, taking into account the client’s personality and requirements. It is one of the most intriguing ventures put forward by a very uncommon group of visionaries – a photographer, Vipul Amar, a graphic designer – Gireesh Nair, and a psychologist – Harsheen Arora. They tailor make a product which reveals the innermost core of their patrons. The V Renaissance redefines the concept of luxury with bespoke products designed to depict your persona in each creation.

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