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Sushmita Sen’s message to all mothers: Time to say ‘Yes’ more often

‘Time we let children be children’


There is no question that  Sushmita Sen has proved to be an ideal mother to her two beautiful daughters, Renee and Alisah. She has been raising them as strong and independent, a reflection of her own self.

The beautiful actor and mother to two of her adopted kids are quite active on the social media and recently posted a video of herself giving a message to her fans and mothers on the psychological effects of saying ‘No’ to children. In this video, Sushmita talks about how motherhood changes people and how she too has experienced the change being a mother herself. Further stating, that sometimes mothers become over-cautious for their kids even when it’s not really necessary. Resonating that she too has done the same for her kids..from protecting them while they went out to play in winters to being a bit too vigilant while they insisted on swimming.


In her social media post, Sushmita urges all mothers to find a way to say ‘Yes’ more often, for the overall development in their kid’s personality. She also believes that this will have a positive impact on the relationship between the mother and the child.


The need of becoming a #YesMom is being recognized by many mothers now and it’s coming as an eye opener for many. Sushmita has also invited mothers to share their #YesMom story using #YesChallenge and become a part of the #YesMom day which will be celebrated on 25th November.

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