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Tanushree to give statement to police by 4pm today on her sexual harassment case!

Tanushree Dutta appeared out of the blue as a surprise package after 10 years and made her shocking revelation about how Nana Patekar assaulted her in 2008 during the song shoot in the film Horn Ok Please. The fact that she spoke after 10 years isn’t wrong as the country being a democratic one, anybody has the right to speak and we should listen to their side of it. As far as which side is being truthful and which side not is for investigation team to find out.

However one thing that Tanushree’s allegations have resulted in is a lot of other women gaining courage to finally speak up in public about the sexual harassment they faced back then and the output is plenty of big names being out in charges of alleged rape and sexual harassment. From Nana Patekar to Vikas Bahl to Kailash Kher to Rajat Kapoor to Alok Nath, plenty of names are out resulting in film governing bodies like CINTAA to be more proactive this time and eliminate anyone who has been proven guilty..

So definitely the credit for the beginning of the #Metoomovement in Bollywood belongs to Tanushree Dutta.

However Tanushree is was yet to officially record a statement.. The statement was to be recorded at Oshivara Police Station yesterday but because of the lack of presence of any lady officer, it couldn’t be done.. So she is all set to record her statement to the cops by 4pm today as the cops will be visiting her place. The pressure is not just being built on Nana from Tanushree’s side but also the National Commission of Women has sent a legal notice to Nana Patekar today..

While pressure starts building on Nana, we await to hear his side. It is to be noted that under strange circumstances, Nana cancelled the Press Conference which was scheduled by him on 8th October, 2018 and he has not come up with a rescheduled date yet. So taking these into consideration, we guess the wait is gonna be a little longer.

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