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The film ”Bhasmasur” was screened at MAMI under India’s story section.

When asked about the journey of making of Bhasmasur, director Nishil Sheth said,

“The idea for Bhasmasur came about when I read an article in a daily. Though it didn’t immediately transform into an idea or a film at first, it was unsettling enough and stayed on my mind since.

Bhasmasur is a film about people who exist on the periphery. As we bustle through grand bridges, shopping malls and fancy hotels, rarely do we pay attention to someone like Dhaanu, much less think about what his life might be.

Bhasmasur, shows us rural India, in the backdrop of it’s majestic landscapes, a story of love and sacrifice.

Once I graduated from film school, I was very dejected with the sort of opportunities I was getting, or the lack of it.

Soon I got in touch with my batchmates and pitched the idea for Bhasmasur and they were more than supportive and keen to be a part of the film.

With the limited resources at our disposal, we completed the film in 2 years time.

The process was long and frustrating at times, it was in these moments of doubt that I got to see the crew getting together and pushing the film ahead with full vigor.”

The film directed by Nishil Sheth, is produced by Karan Kadam.

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