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The first look of Bad Man: The story of Gulshan Grover’s life

The biography of the quintessential Bad Man of Bollywood – the celebrated actor Gulshan Grover – is being published next month by Penguin. The first look of ‘Bad Man’ was released today. With stories of projects within India and internationally, Gulshan Grover’s journey has been unique and replete with eccentric and iconic roles.

The actor says, “I have been a part of many stories across regions and languages but this is a completely new experience for me. Having my story told in a book is exciting and yet unnerving.’’

Director Mahesh Bhatt, who has directed Grover in several films, says, “The ability to deconstruct and reinvent one’s persona is the lifeblood of all successful durable entertainers all through history. The reason Gulshan Grover has been able to survive in this novelty seeking business, where the audience is continuously asking for a new, fresh experience, is because he manages to do just that. Gulshan is a shape-shifter.”

Swati Chopra, Senior Commissioning Editor, Penguin Random House India, adds, “Gulshan Grover’s ability to immerse himself into a role, often villainous, is legendary. Through his biography, we get a rare insight into the mind and world of the ‘bad man’ of Bollywood. We are delighted to be publishing it.”

Gulshan Grover has always stood on his own, right from the start of his career. At a time when aspiring actors would covet the lead role in a film, he stood out by choosing villainous roles that he went on to perform with absolute finesse. His breakout role came in Ram Lakhan, which gave him the title of ‘Bad Man’.

In this authorized biography, written by senior journalist Roshmila Bhattacharya, Grover talks about life’s journey – the ups and downs, his films, his failures, his successes, the industry through the decades, balancing Bollywood with other work and his international projects, and how he has always stayed relevant. Published by Penguin India, ‘Bad Man’ will be available at bookstores near you and online, at the click of a finger releasing this July

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