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The Jollygood Akshay wins the legal system and the heart of the audience!


Director – Subhash Kapoor
Cast – Akshay Kumar, Annu Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Huma
Genre – Courtroom drama, thrill
Reviewed By – Paridhi Tripathi

Injustice anywhere is a thread to justice everywhere. This has been rightly said by Martin Luther King. The sentence also puts a complete end and graces the epic movie “JollyLLB2” after justice has been served to the needy by our loved Jolly.

We had our equation with Jolly four years ago when Warsi provided justice with his wits and of course hard work. This year, we had Akshay who stepped into the shoes of Jolly and we are not at all disappointed. Subhash KApoor in this movie has shifted the location from Delhi to Lucknow. The film is a sequel to JollyLLB and we are referring the dialogue of our beloved judge Saurabh Shukla who, when hears the name Jolly, is immediately reminded of someone in Delhi.

The story begins depicting the corrupt legal system that shoulders another act of illegal deeds when Akshay announces the answers of English paper in a government school. It looked like his side business apart from being the 15th assistant of a senior advocate. Jolly wants his own chamber which leads him to commit a sideline theft. When things go wrong, the conscience of Jolly is suddenly awakened as he fights for justice.

The factor which pulls the whole movie with ease is characterization. From our lead actor to the supporting ones like Manav Kaul, the movie has witnessed some extra fine acting, all of them fitting in their shoes. To begin from Akshay, he does not play a hero of the movie, but a performer who knows his job. Akshay has provided some hilarious moments through his sarcasm and yet managed us to take to a deeper level by dialogues which evoke thoughts. His opponent, Annu Kapoor has stolen the show according to me, his timings, dialogue delivery style, the way he did his actions that matched the tone of his sentences has been enough to get us the feel that he is a pure Lucknow ka Vakil Babu. The straight face he kept while losing was a so pure that you almost felt bad for him.

Coming to the judge, we already knew Saurabh Shukla’s tactics while we saw JollyLLB, but to take forward the performance in order to match the highly expected and anticipated role is a work of brilliance. He has his moments when he learns the Gulaabo dance or praises Alia Bhatt. He is aware of what he is called outside the court, he knows what the truth is, and he plays his own game as a judge to finally get the truth out. Huma however was a little disappointing, (but we don’t expect roles for ladies in Akshay Kumar movies anyway.) she had the filler job and would appear on screen whenever we almost forgot that she is a part of the movie.

The direction of the movie is at par and probably more. Subhash Kapoor has portrayed exact how the system works. We see a pan spit filled board in the court, we see the judge using his mobile phone against the notice of cell phone prohibition. The court works without any flights of fancy or drama, and that is commendable for Kapoor to portray. What is more relishing in the movie was the faded line of Gender roles. Akshay serves his wife and son lunch while they are in the middle of a serious discussion, this is an unsaid attempt by the director to blur the lines of gender role and we salute that.
The climax of the movie is astonishing and you see the theatre hall applauding and whistling as the people present in the court does.

The music however, did not appeal much to me. Go Pagal depicted the celebration of Jolly’s wishes so we can’t really say it is unfilled, but it did not put an atmosphere the makers tried making. The dialogues are extremely well written and served, the UP accent gives the dialogue another level of acclamation.

Indeed a fun packaged movie filled with sarcasm, wit, dark humor and message. Kapoor has successfully managed to take his audience both the paths, light and thought provoking one. This courtroom drama will definitely attract you towards the theatre hall.

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