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The resemblance with Rishi Kapoor is a boon: Rajesh Kumar

Does everyone have a doppelganger? There’s a fairly decent chance of it, thanks to the limited number of genes that influence facial features. Take actor Rajesh  Kumar and Rishi Kapoor. They seem to be lookalikes. So when was the first time you were told that you look like Rishi Kapoor? “Since my childhood. People would compare me with the Rishi Kapoor of Mera Naam Joker. With time, I am told, the resemblance only increased. I just acknowledge the fact and somewhere down the line, I feel happy that not only by personality but we’re also in the same profession. I resemble Rishi Kapoor but also I wish I could be as good as an actor he is. He will always be a star who gave movies one after the other where his performance was amazing. Be it a comedy role, romance or the action he did, it was done with so much of conviction.” So  did it prove to be a boon or a bane? “Since the time I have known I have been carrying it with me. It never turned to be a bane, the resemblance with Rishi Kapoor is a boon.”

Speaking about his first ever meeting with superstar Rishi Kapoor Rajesh says,”His reaction was very normal and he had already watched my work in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. I went to meet him with Satish Shah so the welcome was different. The next time I met him was during Super Nani and he appreciated my work. He said that I was a good actor and he made my day. I feel very honoured that someone of his stature has seen my work. I also met him once at RK studio when I went to meet Randhir ji  and bumped into him. Hoping to meet him soon once he is back from New York.”  What was your reaction when you heard of his illness? “You feel sad about it, there is no other feeling that comes when you hear about someone’s illness. Especially when the person is suffering from cancer. You feel very bad and all prayers go to them. He has been cured and has lost so much weight, I wish him a speedy recovery and best of health from here on. I have followed his work and I read in the paper that soon he will be back to entertain us. He appears to be an actor who can play any character like the way he was in 102. You actually hate him in Agneepath and he was so good in Kapoor and Sons.”

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