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“There can be no comparisons between me and Varun,” angry Govinda rants.

Govinda is busy promoting his upcoming movie Aa Gaya Hero these days. If the trailer is to go by, the movie has a typical Govinda style with good amount of music, drama, dance and humor.

We all know Varun Dhavan is being compared with Govinda, on asking about what Govinda feels about the same, he says, “there can be no comparison between me and him. Even when Ranveer came in the industry, he was being compared with me. I have a question, when they have such bodies, why are they not compared with Salman? Probably because they know they can’t stand a chance to be compared with any of the Khans. I was going through my downfall and slipping from the position I held. They noticed my position is being slipped and instantly crept it.”

Govinda also added, “Varun has done just two movies in 7 years with David, whereas I have done 18. Does that really call for a comparison?”

On asking about his equation with David, Govinda says, “I had done some 17 movies with him. I wanted to do the 18th one as well, I went to him with a story and a title and he took both of it but kept me out from the movie. Later I am given a news that Rishi KApoor is casted in Chashme Baddoor. I was hurt, I called him and asked why am I not in the film. He gave reasons that I couldn’t buy.”

Govinda even added that he almost pleaded David to do a movie with him, let be a cameo, but when nothing of such sort happened, that’s when he broke his ways with David and told him he will not see him for the next seven years.

On asking if he did see him in all these years, Govinda confessed that he didn’t and he doesn’t wish to for some time.

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