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This Indian actress was offered a film at the Chicago Film Festival!

Television actress & a debut filmmaker, Kanika Maheshwari is on cloud 9, her short film Forever Whim made its way to the prestigious Chicago South Asian Film Festival held recently.

Writer, director & producer, Kanika has also starred in the film that revolves around a mother- daughter relationship & a heart touching story after the former is detected with Cancer. The film that received an award at Melbourne City Independent Film Awards was nominated at this film festival held in Chicago over a 3 day event & Kanika’s film was in the premier slot to be streamed at the Oakbrook auditorium which is a big deal for filmmakers participating.

As luck would have had it, Kanika who traveled to Chicago to attend a premier had an offer she couldn’t refuse, ‘The whole process was surreal. This film is my baby & I started out as a passionate writer, so being nominated at these global events is a huge deal for me. The roaring applause to the movie after the premier was music to my ears. After the basic Q & A round which every filmmaker has to go through post the screening, a gentleman from Florida, who also had a nomination walked up to me & offered me a film straight up. I was thrilled.’

‘He’d said that he liked the actor in the film & wanted to find out more on her as he was looking to cast an Indian actress for his next. Only during Q & A he figured I’d acted in it too. We chatted for quite some time & I was completely sold on the film. It was about an aspiring Indian actress trying to make it big in Hollywood. It did excite me but I have a son back home who needs me so I had to choose. I shared my dilemma with him & he was sweet to understand. Nonetheless we are connected now & maybe in future something works out. But I had set my priorities straight right from the start.’

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