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Transformers: The last Knight is unnecessary and chaotic

Transformers: The last Knight

Director : Michael Bay
Cast : Mark Wahlberg, Laura Haddock, Anthony Hopkins, Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci.
Genre – Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Reviewed By – Paridhi Tripathi


Transformers : The last Knight is the fifth installment of the Transformers franchise based on the popular Hasbro toys. This one, unlike the other movies will fail to please you. What really do you expect from the fifth installment of any franchise? What even scabs is the raised standards and fallen outcomes.

The movie will most likely appeal to young teens who are into explosions every now and then and some quirky jokes made often by machines and seldom by humans. What really amuses me about the movie and its series is the emotional attachment these aliens have and tend to keep but that is all about it.

The story is a mess and untidy. Two worlds are about to collide which comes as a threaten to Earth, the very theme of the movie is established after we are half way through it. The movie starts with 1600 ages ago, where you see some exotic scenes of battle and try to figure who is fighting who and for what. The moment things start making sense, you are taken to the present where four kids are in the middle of a junkyard maybe lost or just deliberately there to read through the giant broken machines. The lack of logic is what makes the movie more unsatisfying. The plot has so many loopholes that you give after a while to make sense of the story.


The dialogues of the movie give a comic relief and animated feel. Its punch lines and timings are made just to keep you seated at your place expecting a little more out of it. The transformers are sassy and stylish and more interesting than humans. Cade (Mark Wahlberg) gives you the best out of what is written for him. Even the addition of Izabella, a new orphan character, subsides; she starts off with potential but ultimately has nothing to offer than make iffy decisions and stand in as a spunky kid for Cade to add to his family.

The silver lining of the movie is its cinematography especially when you watch it in 3D. There are some absolute wow moments which soon turn into a lull because of its overly stretched climax. What is even worse is the ending which clearly suggests there is something more in the story: a sixth installment.


Distilled to its essence, the last Knight suffocates its viewers by over explosion and non-ending climax.

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