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Trapped: Brutally raw; conceptually honest!


Director – Vikramaditya Motwane
Cast – Rajkumar Rao
Genre – Psychological thriller

Trapped is a film about a young man who ends up fighting his own demons and mind you, wins over them! The movie is bound to make you speechless and stunned while you leave the theatre hall.

When I first saw the trailer, I was certain that we live in a time where one wouldn’t possibly get into a situation like Shaurya, but after watching the movie, I was forced to think the other way round. Trapped is movie of a common man who gets in a situation where he is helpless yet the only one to help himself.

The movie follows the story of an ordinary man Shaurya who is happy with is regular job and is smitten with a colleague. He tries to woo the girl by simply making phone calls and guessing her favorite dish correct. One thing leads to another are the two are in love but with a twist, Noorie (Shaurya’s love interest) is getting married to another man in three days. Shaurya has a deal of finding a new house in order to marry Noorie. In an urgency and little choice, he lands up in Swarg Apartment, top floor and gets himself trapped the very next day.
The begins the mad and crazy attempts of Shaurya to set himself free of his own house, he tries everything, from setting his house on fire to screaming and yelling his lungs out for help to other things.

It is intriguing to see Shaurya fight for the basic necessities of life – food and water. There are instance and scenes in the movie which gross you out and you hear frequent gasps from around, but you can’t forget that these scenes are extremely important for the narrative. Rajkumar has done a fantastic job in making us believe that he is indeed trapped not only physically, but also in the sense on himself. His attempts, his desires, his acting abilities and his physical transformation throughout the process looks so real that you sympathies with him. You know you can’t help Shaurya, but you are still glued to the screen almost mentally supporting for him and wishing that he escapes out alive.

Full marks to the Director Vikramaditya for taking out the best of Rao. Motwane portrayed the psychological changes and challenges finely while coloring his character. Every step that Shaurya takes is a measured task. His hallucinations while contemplating to eat an insect or black out while killing a bird shadows is a measured act, not being too much or underdone. If you ever saw the series ‘I shouldn’t be alive’ on discovery channel, you will realize how similar the concept is.

Trapped also highlights the fight of within of a person who has only four walls and a mouse to live with. There couldn’t have been a better performer for the movie other than Rajkumar Rao. He is determined to get out of the situation he is in and he does that without calling it quits. This psychological thrill will give you some real shrills when you watch the movie, not only for Rao’s splendid performance, but also for the survival hacks he has!

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