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TUBELIGHT : Salman Khan’s Tubelight flickers a lot, but shines bright after wards.


Director – Kabir Khan
Cast – Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Zeeshan, Om Puri, Matin Rey Tangu
Genre – Drama
Reviewed By – Paridhi Tripathi


When a filmmaker reaches to an optimum level of giving through mainstream commercial movies, the expectations are high to another level. It is these expectations that let have let us down for they were so high that with each passing second the smile plastered to our face fades.

Inspired by American movie Little Boy, Tubelight is loosely based on the Indo China war that roughly happened 55 years ago. Salman Khan plays the character of Lakshman Bisht who is has over simple characteristics. From the very start, Tubelight is faulty. It had the exact same loopholes that its original movie did. Having themes of war, love and sensitive portrayal of relationship, the movie was bound to touch you and connect with you, sadly, it didn’t.


Tubelight starts with the overwhelming relationship of two brothers, Sohail and Salman Khan as Bharat and Lakshman. Lakshman being overtly simple and loving is dependent on Bharat for over everything. When Bharat has to leave for war, you almost want Sohail to not disappear from the scene and long for him as much as Salman does. The story then focuses on two new members in the village who are Indian but from the Chinese origin. Lakshman, hates them too in the beginning but slowly learn to love them. It is the love-war combination that further takes the plot forward.

Based in this setting, the script has multiple flaws. The war portrayed has nothing that touches you on an internal level. All of them falls on the same shoulder, we except that the director could take cinematic liberties but not to an extent where scenes do not convince us.


Having said that, Tubelight is made with love and all the heart, if you put your judgment criteria aside, you might like this movie based on eternal love and utter simplicity. Talking about performances, Salman has a tubelight like nature which is mostly cute and sometimes less convincing. Sohail is surprisingly a good factor in the movie and you miss him on screen the moment he goes away. Zeeshan has a bratty like character who slaps the ‘tueblight’ rather annoyingly; sadly, he only has this bratty character to portray in the movie. A special mention for Late Om Puri who has perhaps, a Gandhian character, his acting abilities makes us grieve on the loss of immense talent.

Kabir fails to touch the racism faced by North Eastern people be portraying an Indian boy as a son of a Chinese woman in the movie. This loophole alone makes us wonder if the movie is about making peace or increasing distance.


Shahrukh’s cameo has nothing great to offer expect for the very thought that with love you can move anything – a thought which gives Lakshman new direction in life but that is all. It doesn’t the magic it intended to and we have to admit, we were disappointed.

Tubelight could be watched only if you do not go there keeping your hopes and expectations high, for a Salman Khan fan, you will get to see him in a new avatar which we aren’t very sure if you will like.

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