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“…twenty years later I still get work and I’m working”-Arbaaz Khan on his upcoming film ‘Tera Intezaar’

what is that made you do this film?

I knew the director for a long time and the kind of roles that I generally get offered are character roles or slightly negative roles but when they came to me with this kind of a romantic role I was excited and this is something that I would love to do. 

Tell us something about the film’s genre.

This is not a purely romantic film, it has suspense thriller. whatever you get to see in a movie of this genera it has everything. from drama to suspense, 

It has almost been twenty years since we have seen you as a romantic hero. so how was it doing it again after such a long time?

1996 I made my debut and this is 2017, I happy and this reason to be happy that twenty years later I still get work and I’m working. I don’t always think like you have to be on top three of top five.

 You are playing an artist in this film. so how much do u like art in real life?

My mom is an artist not many people know that and Salman has taken some of her Salman

How was it working with Sunny?

She is wonderful person she is a very hardworking senior, she doesn’t take all these lightly and very down to earth kind of person.

Name one actor or actress who had made you waited on a film set?

Actress are generally aware of their work they know that they have to do get a makeover from the character and everything so they generally come early. But then if it’s me then I’m irritatingly punctual.

Are there any particular genera that you would be looking for after this project?

To be honest I’m not really looking something at present like that, and at this stage generally, people shift from romantic hero to some other role whereas I have just started with this. And when Sunny is cast opposite to you how could you say no to this. 

What Salman has to say about your film graph?

He keeps on blaming me for not working hard enough and there is a little bit of truth in it, there was a lot of improvement that could have been done to get the best of me. I could have had worked little harder but then I guess I was happy at that point in my life and maybe that’s the reason behind it. And luck doesn’t always favor you, I sometimes think my best wasn’t good enough. I lost many films due to this ‘Khiladi’ was among one of them. I was busy shooting for a film and I said no to the makers of ‘Khiladi’ then it went to Akshay, then the film for which I said no that didn’t happen either. Luck doesn’t always favor you throughout your life. Salman has retained his wit and that is what helps him to move ahead in life. 

Sometimes even if the script is good but due to the star cast the film doesn’t work well. what’s your take on that?

Everything does depend on content if the content is not strong then no matter who the star is that film will not be a hit. If you see in the other star’s career they have had some of this kind of film and they just passed by, they were not blockbuster.

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