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Vikas Gupta ran away from Big Boss season 11 house.

The game in Big Boss season 11 house to stay in competition and house is just getting very big and intense day by day. Now there’s a new angle in this ongoing game of survival in Big Boss House between the padosis and the house in mates.

We have got to know that Vikas Gupta ran away from the Big Boss 11 house. But he ran away due to the entire episode that happened in the house where Shilpa was irritating Vikas a lot by taunting him about what he had done with her 2 years back and then provoking him intentionally and after that this fight grew when Vikas threw an egg on Shilpa. After that Shilpa said that please clean this mess of eggs that you’ve done but Vikas said i won’t do then every one else too started telling him the same thing and in end he did it. but before that when he said that he won’t that time finally Hina Khan lost her cool and shouted on him saying that please don’t make everyone suffer because of your fight with Shilpa and he just lost his patience level and then ended up running away from the house.

It is yet to be seen if he will be back on the Big Boss house or not. we will only get to know that in the next few episodes of Big Boss 11. Please stay tuned over here for more exciting updates about this super trending topic of Vikas Gupta and Big Boss 11. But we can say that Vikas has managed to spice up things in Big boss 11 right from the 1st day itself.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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